Dec 17, 2012

High Quality Rig Mats

When were the last times you see a kind of road mats? I remembered that I’ve ever seen it –many years ago- when I’m still a college student. At that time, I was visiting a frozen shrimp factory located near a wide river to complete a short research for my final assignment. The factory used road mats to create temporary roads on the muddy ground.  The factory owner decided to apply road mats as one heavy and expensive equipment has ever been sunk into a swamp before. He said that placing road mats seemed costly at first but in fact, the potential advantages that he may benefit values much more!
You can find road mats in different specific functions; for example, rig mats are a sort of road mats which its name refers to oilrigs since they are commonly applied to offer impermanent road to oilrigs and support heavy equipments.  As mentioned before, placing rig mats can offer many advantages.

Compared to oilrigs that situated in the Middle East, lots of oilrigs in Canada and Alaska face completely different climate and topography. Oilrigs that located in areas that have large wetlands and long rain or snow period must utilize high quality rig mats to ensure the easy and safe access to oilrigs and mining sites. To attain the optimal benefits of rig mats, make sure that you have chosen the reliable producer like Quality Mat Company that has broad experience and expertise in this industry –since 1974. It won’t be a wrong decision!

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