Dec 21, 2012

Importance of Hand Knotted Rugs in Home Decorating

Hand knotted rugs are best for home decoration. Those rugs increase the value of the house by adding a d├ęcor. It’s wise for homeowners not to buy new hand knotted rugs every time and rather frequently change the color of the rugs so that a contrast to the colour of wall and furniture can be created.

Even though floor rugs are of different types, hand knotted rugs are perhaps the best because rugs that are produced through the hand knotting process are best both in terms of quality, durability and appearance. Due to daily usage, rugs are often found in worn condition. The exterior of hand knotted rugs is soft, but from the inside, these rugs are quite strong and the can withstand harsh conditions.

The techniques used for making hand knotted rugs are centuries old. The ones with complex pattern require quite a significant amount of time to be made. Amongst the various types of hand knotted rugs, some popular ones are Bokhara, Pebbles, Rocky, Tashen, Hemp and Rainbow etc. Interestingly, hand knotted rugs are valuable not just because they are made of superior quality products, but also because making of these rugs involves skill and efficiency. The time required for making a hand knotted rug should also be considered when estimating its value. On an average, a weaver with decent amount of experience can tie around 10000 knots in a day. If the pattern is detailed, dense knotting would be required. This is a major reason that making hand knotted rugs take time.

There are selected areas at home, where the hand knotted rug can be placed. Living room is probably the area where these rugs look best. Whenever some guests will drop by, s/he will see the delicacy and sophistication of the rug and praise the aesthetic sensibility of the house owner. Interior decorators suggest that in the living room, instead of placing one hand knotted rug, homeowner can put couple of smaller rugs; this way, if there is enough space in the room, it will be covered fully and appear decorative. In case the room is not spacious enough, a medium sized hand knotted rug or an accent rug can be placed.

Materials, which are ideal for making hand knotted rug are wool and cotton. Both hand knotted wool and cotton rugs offer the homeowners certain benefits. There are so many benefits that come with hand knotted wool rugs. Those rugs add warmth into the room, they also function as divider and frame. If the homeowner wants to add contrast and decorative appeal into the room, hand knotted wool rug is the best choice to be made.

Hand knotted rugs, made of wool add a distinguished warmth into the room. During the cold days, everyone looks for warmth and if there’s a hand knotted wool rug underfoot, that does amount to warmth. Those, who are experts in interior decoration, deliver tips to make a large room look smaller and a small room look larger. A room, which is large enough, may appear unpleasant. Interior decorators would suggest the use of hand knotted wool rug in that room so that it appears smaller.

These rugs can have patterns that are complex and colourful. Due to such intricacy, those patterns create an excellent contrast to walls and furniture. Hand knotted rugs are also used for seasonal makeover. The homeowner can have the color of the rug changed so that it reflects seasonal changes. This is considered a cost-efficient way to keep the home decorated throughout the year.

Homeowners, who are using hand knotted rugs, are recommended to follow some advices; mixing too many patterns is not a good idea. Instead, color of the wall and furniture should be changed to display the contrast. Taking care of the hand knotted rugs is also important so that its quality is properly maintained.

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