Dec 24, 2012

Blinds and Awnings to Help Make Your Conservatory Greener

Windows and glass can be inefficient when it comes to contributing to your home's green rating, particularly for conservatories. Blinds and awnings can contribute to making your home greener by ensuring heat doesn't escape and keeping sun light out.

Your home's green rating

There are many factors that contribute to the green rating of your home. House insulation, recycling, turning off appliances and saving water are all ways to make your home greener and conserve energy. Glass in windows and doors can do particular harm to your home's green rating and if you have a conservatory which includes glass doors, walls and ceilings this can be a particular problem. Glass is a poor insulator and so heat will escape relatively easily from your home. Not only does this mean that heat is escaping into to the atmosphere but your energy usage may be higher. For a conservatory this can either mean you have a very cold room or that your heating bills are very high. For those living in warmer climates using air conditioning systems glass is also problematic. The sun will come through the glass and make the room hotter causing the air conditioning system to work harder and so use more energy. In a conservatory where there is a lot of glass the room may be hotter or bills to run the air conditioning system will be higher.

Types of blinds to help make your home greener

Blinds can be used to insulate glass in windows and doors in your home to improve your home's green rating. Blinds can be particularly effective in a conservatory to insulate glass ceilings and walls. There are many types of blinds on offer that work well to achieve better insulation. These include conservatory pleated blinds, venetian blinds and roller blinds. Not only will they help maintain a pleasant climate, they can add to the ddcor and ambience of the room. It is recommended that blinds used to help with insulation and keep a room warm are closed at dusk or when it gets colder.

Blind materials can help enormously in contributing to insulation. There are fabrics available for blinds that have thermal insulation properties and they can be very useful in making sure heat is kept in and cold stays out. These types of fabrics can be used for conservatory pleated blinds. In the summer months or for people living in hot climates, many blind fabrics will work to block out sunlight successfully so your conservatory stays cooler.

Awnings to help keep your home cool

Outdoor awnings are also effective in keeping a room cool. A patio awning will give shade to the patio itself and providing a cool place for friends and family to relax. Awnings also prevent heat from the patio bouncing onto windows and glass doors, so contributing to a cooler room and usage of air conditioning unit should be less. An awning will also protect furniture from the sun so ensuring less maintenance and more longevity.

Overall it is worth spending time to research types of blinds and awnings that can help with climate control in your home and your conservatory. As well as improving your home's green rating there will also be savings in energy bills. Blinds and awnings can also add to the look of your home in colour, style and ambience.
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