Dec 15, 2012

How to Bring a Country Feel to Your Home

More and more people are realizing that working overtime doesn’t do them any good if they do not use the free time they have to enjoy themselves. When it comes to enjoying, people have to be able to relax and enjoy their home, because living in a home that is not comfortable and nice to spend time in will never be a good idea if you want to enjoy the time spent here. What’s more, when asked about enjoying their homes, people most commonly have the idea that a country feel is needed in order to fully relax in and enjoy a house. Well, we will here discuss some great ideas that will help you bring a country feel to your home.

Concentrate on Wood and Wooden Furniture

Hardwood floors, wooden furniture, and a fireplace in your living room will surely scream country feel. Make sure that you have a feeling of walking into a log cabin when you enter your living area. Regardless of the fact whether you have a spacious or a small home, there is always place for a nice fireplace. Aside from this, never insist on having a TV in your living room, as a fireplace and some good, comfy furniture will surely suffice in most situations. If you simply have to have a TV and you don’t want the country feel of your living room, hide it in a beautiful cabinet which can be opened when and if needed.

Use Only Warm Colors

All the furniture, upholstery, rugs, curtains, and decorations should be in warm colors, such as brick red, pine green, russet, darker yellow, beige, and so on. This will definitely bring a warm feeling into your home, and this combination of colors will work for all seasons as well. Furthermore, warm colors go perfectly with the natural color of all types of wood, and you will be glad for choosing these colors when your furniture arrives and blends in amazingly.

Get Your Decorations at the Flea Market

Decorating your home in a country style will definitely require you to get your hands a little dirty and rummage through some very old stuff to find the perfect decorations. Things like old ceramic kitchenware, wooden figurines, vintage furniture such as old armchairs and coffee tables, old and obsolete items such as old coffee grinders can and will be perfect additions to your country style home. However, it is very important to remember not to overdo it, as a crowded home can never be a good place for relaxation. Rather than this, decorate your come tastefully and in the way you see fit.

Chris has been blogging about decorating for the last 4 years. Chris is passionate about French country furniture and English farmhouse decors.
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