Nov 26, 2014

Tricks to Make Your Home Look Bigger

Although you might be happy with your small home, it is not a bad idea to introduce a few steps which will make home seem bigger, not just for you’re the sake of visitors, but you will also enjoy yourself more if your home feels and looks bigger.

Trick your senses
Just like you trick your senses when you wear different shapes and colors to make your body seem longer and fitter, you can do the same thing with your home. With the right combination of decoration, flooring and walls you can make your home seem a lot bigger than it really is.

Opting for striped floors is perhaps the best idea as it adds length to your home. Moreover, stripes and different shapes can elongate your walls so that you can add length and width to the rooms. Do not forget to buy furniture and decorative tables with glass tops, as it will provide and endless surface which seems to continue forever without taking up space.

Clean up your spaces
The simplest of ways to make your home seem bigger is to clear up clutter. Not only will you clean up your home so that it looks already more appealing, but you will make all space which is in a room available and possible to be used in other ways.

De-cluttering also means that you should make space in your closets and that you should organize in a way that will make space available used to the very last bit and that you will not have to worry about overstuffing one wardrobe. While you are at it, reorganize your stuff so that you can pack up everything neatly and in a way that will make using them very effective.

Multipurpose furniture
One effective method you can use is to buy furniture which can be used to save space; most of those will have either a possibility to use them as storage or to put away a few things so that you save up some space. The great thing about space saving furniture is that it can be fitter into every room and that you do not have to worry about it being functional or practical.
Not only that, but storage furniture will offer a great benefit that you can use and make your home seem little bit bigger while not having to sacrifice anything in order to achieve it.

It is important to set up lighting perfectly as the right angle can add length and width to the room. Moreover, depending on the color your will use, you can also set desired moods and make the rooms seem even more spacious. Remember not to leave any dark spots as they will make any room seem smaller. Floor lamps are a great way to add length and height toany room.
On the other hand, it is important to let in as much as possible natural light because it will add a fresher look and it will make the rooms seem bigger.

Make vertical work for you
Install a few shelves or even built-in selves into your walls to use vertical space that can help you get rid of clutter and make your rooms seem cleaner and bigger. Moreover, you can use spaces which were there before but made the rooms seem empty; nooks under the stairs are the perfect place to start.

Repaint your home
Using the right colors you can add accents to your rooms and you can add height and width to your home overall, which will make any smaller house seem bigger than they really are. But be careful not to mash together too many colors as they will only create chaos.

Tricks up your sleeve
It is important to know a few tricks which can help your make your home look bigger so that you will more comfortable and more at home. Furthermore, while it is possible to add the effect of a bigger home, you will be also doing yourself a favor by getting rid of unnecessary clutter while making sure that everything is neatly organized. Make sure that everything has a purpose and a place in your home.

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