Nov 5, 2014

Furnishing Your Military Office

GSA furniture
Military offices don't have to look spartan. In fact, if you're trying to build a recruitment or administrative office, you'll want the space to look as inviting as possible so new cadets will feel at ease. Here are just a few ideas for quickly but comfortably decorating your military office.

Solid-Frame Chairs

Solid-frame chairs are a staple of
gsa furniture. Not only are they easy to buy, ship and rearrange as you see fit, but they also bring to mind efficiency and economy, two things that you'll definitely appreciate in a military setting.


Every office needs a desk. There's no point in buying something flimsy, however, if you plan on using it regularly. Go ahead and invest in something made of high-quality hardwood that will last for decades.

Folding Table

While your desk is the undeniable king of the office, you might also want a few folding tables for things like brochures, sign-ups or menial paperwork. They're easy to bring out when you need them and even easier to store in the closet when you don't.

File Cabinets

Sure, many documents are on the computer in this day and age, but there are still sensitive or eyes-only files that need to be kept away from enterprising hackers. You'll need a good place to store them, so don't cut corners when it comes to cabinets.

Whether you're aiming to recruit new soldiers or just comfortably deal with the ones you already have, use these guidelines for furnishing your military office. The young ones will thank you!

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