Nov 16, 2014

Advantages of Gas over Electric for Heating

In most areas, consumers have a choice of using electricity or gas to heat their home. While many people worry about the safety of gas furnaces, modern furnaces using either electric or gas are extremely safe when used according to manufacturer recommendations. Propane gas from LPG gas suppliers is a very stable energy source that is regularly used on a daily basis throughout the world with few problems. Though each source of heat is quite safe, there are a number of reasons that a homeowner should choose to heat with a gas furnace instead of an electric one.

Operating Cost

In almost all cases, gas furnaces will more inexpensively heat a home than will an electric furnace. In addition to propane being a less expensive energy source, gas furnaces typically will last longer than an electric furnace. This means that the combination of lower energy bills and a longer useful life will make heating with propane instead of electric a profitable decision for homeowners for decades to come.

Installation Cost

In general, it is less expensive to install an electric furnace than a propane gas furnace. The reason for this is that a home will already have electric service to operate the furnace and an electric furnace will not need vented to the outside. With a propane furnace, the furnace will need to be vented and gas lines will need to be placed inside the home to reach the furnace. A homeowner will also need a gas bottle or tank to store propane, but most LPG gas suppliers including Plusgas in Brisbane will work with the homeowner to make the gas bottle affordable. However, the small additional cost of installing a propane furnace is insignificant when compared to the savings realized over time by heating with propane.

Heat Quality

A furnace operating on gas will provide warmer air to heat a home than does an electric furnace. This means that the gas furnace will warm a cold home more quickly than will an electric furnace. In fact, electric furnaces heat at such a low temperature that they create a cool draft in the home while in operation. With the proper equipment, both gas and electric furnaces can be used to adjust the humidity inside the home in order to keep the home as comfortable as possible. Though some older gas furnaces used to produce fumes and a small level of odor, this is no longer true. A properly vented gas furnace will produce no noticeable smell inside the home. 

Environmental Impact

Though electricity appears to be a clean energy source, the truth is much different. In the United States, most electricity is still produced by burning coal. Coal mining itself is environmentally damaging and the burning of the coal to power electric generators results in significant amounts of air pollution. Conversely, propane is derived from petroleum which is produced in a cleaner manner than coal mining. While the propane burned in a furnace does produce some pollutants, it is still a far cleaner energy source than the coal used to make most electricity. For this reason, propane is a far more environmentally friendly heating source than is electric.

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