Nov 25, 2014

Sustainable Buildings: What are the Benefits?

Over the years, sustainable buildings have earned quite a following, and with good reason.

Considered more than just a fleeting trend, this kind of approach to building construction is deemed highly suited to today’s modern times.

Below are some of the pivotal benefits of sustainable buildings you should not miss out on.


Let us crush a common misconception here.

Building a sustainable structure is not as costly as often assumed.
Nowadays, green buildings can cost approximately the same as conventional ones. In most cases, the little difference in the expenses is often recouped in the form of savings and comfort.

A study carried out by The Californian Sustainable Building Task Force indicated that an investment in green buildings can yield a significant amount of savings in the long run.


Undoubtedly, green structures come with advantages you can’t afford to ignore.

One of the key benefits of this construction trend is the dramatic decrease in energy consumption. Since this approach often integrates resource efficiency in the mix, you can look forward to eventual long-term savings.

In addition, these efficient structures are often associated with low-operating cost and straightforward maintenance, so upkeep expenses is dramatically reduced. This will enable you to use the budget directed for costly maintenance for other purposes.

Health conducive

Inadequate air circulation, mold build up, toxic adhesives, poor lighting and high pollutant concentration are just some of the many challenges conventional buildings come with.

Fortunately, in an effort to make indoor environment quality (IEQ) ideal, green structures often have sufficient ventilation and are oftentimes built using low-emitting and non-toxic materials. This helps warrant a comfortable and healthier working environment.

Apart from helping in the preservation of the natural elements, sustainable designs often come with various elements that encourage both exercise and recreation.  

Enhanced productivity

Statistics show that when green principles were applied, a notable increase in productivity has been observed.

With employee output often positively correlated to indoor environment conditions, the application of green principles has never been more encouraged. 

In addition, since ideal lighting, ventilation and temperature control are integrated in most sustainable building designs, a notable reduction in absences and health care costs have been observed. In line with this, ensure you integrate green elements in your office design if you wish to experience a boost in both productivity and profit.

Reduced footprints

With the effects of environmental neglect and abuse felt the world over, the need for sustainable methods has become increasingly important.

Contaminants from fossil fuel intensify environmental issues and bring about components that can pose serious risks to human health and well-being (read: smog and acid rain, among others)

Fortunately, sustainable building methods integrate highly beneficial techniques such as day lighting and solar powering, all in the effort to maximize energy efficiency and minimize toxic emissions.

Undoubtedly, the relevance of green construction will continue to increase overtime. With that in mind, it’s safe to assume it will be considered the norm in the not so distant future.
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