Nov 5, 2014

Looking for Tape for Acrylic Sheets and Other Materials?

AntiDust tape
Acrylic sheets have hundreds of uses around the world. Though primarily known as a construction material, these sheets also have other uses. Many designers use sheets made from polycarbonate or acrylic in applications where glass isn't suitable, including in skylights and in windows and other openings. Before you spend a single dollar on those sheets, make sure that you know what type of tape your need.

What is AntiDust Tape?

AntiDust tape is a special type of tape added to the ends of acrylic and polycarbonate sheets. Most windows and openings made from these sheets use two or more pieces with a hollow space in the center. When not properly sealed, this hollow space can attract dust and moisture. Moisture inside the sheets can keep you from seeing clearly, and that moisture may eventually lead to mildew or mold. The only way you can create that problem is with the removal of those sheets. When you apply AntiDust tape first, the tape serves as a barrier to block out moisture, dust and other potential problems.

Where Can You Find AntiDust Tape?

AntiDust tape is so easy to install that anyone can do it. The only problem you might discover is actually finding the tape. You won't find it in many home improvement stores, and you often need to purchase it direct from the manufacturer. If you have troubles locating the tape for your construction needs,
click here to find the tape online.

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