Nov 8, 2014

Tips for Decorating an Open Floor Plan

Open floor plans are a good idea if you want a house with a unique setting, but you will have to be very careful with designing as it will require some creativity and planning ahead to make the room work. It is important that you utilize furniture and décor into creating the borders of the rooms so that you know when you are in your living room.

Creating focal points is important as it will be the centerpiece of your room, and it will basically inform anyone where they are currently. Although it sounds like a lot of tedious work, separating an open floor plan into different rooms can be a lot of fun and it can also get your creative juices flowing; after all you want your home to breathe with a unique warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Using dividers
Because there are no physical walls to separate space, it is vital that you find other pieces that can replace that. Whether you will use folding screens or make a set of chairs and tables define an area is up to you. There are no clearly defined rules as to what goes and what is not acceptable. You can really let your imagination run wild here because it will be your home after all and you will need to create a comfortable surrounding.

Dividers can be used in any room to separate space and you create intriguing designs that will really add a special charm to the room and it can really bring the room together as a whole. Moreover, if you plan on re-designing your rooms it will be easier than ever, you can just move the dividers so that you extend or reduce then room’s size.

Using colors
You have to be careful how you will use colors, as you should aim for a kind of continuity with using shades of the same color to define an open floor plan. You should avoid mixing all kinds of colors together as it will only create chaos and it will disrupt the harmony you are aiming for in your rooms. Furthermore, by creating a unique flow of a color palette you will have a large space to work with, which gives you more room to fiddle with your design.

The best about using a single color palette is that you can define spaces not by colors, but by giving accent to other pieces of personal appeal that you can use as décor. However, it is possible, and perhaps better that you find furniture and artwork that will clearly define a space, but with their unique color setting; so that you can separate spaces visually.

The much needed lights
It is important that you use lighting to your advantage. You can clearly separate spaces by using the right fixtures and by using the right lights in the rooms they should represent. You can have great fixtures installed and they will really add a personal touch to the rooms as well as to give a warm atmosphere so that you and your family can enjoy it.

One of the more expensive ways to define spaces is to use rugs and carpets, but they can add a personal charm and visibly create borders where one room ends and where the other begins. Floor rugs will do the job nicely, and they will feel soft and warm under your feet, extremely great when you want to just kick back and relax after a long day of work. Furthermore, carpeting can be used creatively to even create pathways which are easy to lay down and will guide you around your home.

Adding décor to specific spaces will also act as dividers and it will be great as it will really spruce up your whole open floor plan design. Moreover, careful planning and good execution and you will have yourself a great and very unique home that everyone can be jealous of. Also, you can always rearrange rooms the way you want without much trouble as you will have to relocate a few borders here and there and it will be not that hard.

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