Nov 22, 2014

Decorating with Cowhide? You’ll Love Our Cushions!

Cowhide is coming back in a major way this upcoming fall. It’s all about recreating the perfect Icelandic dream in your living room, featuring raw natural elements such as concrete, leather, fur, cowhide, and of course, plenty of timber. A great way of incorporating this winning style into your home or office décor is with the cowhide throw pillows available at, as part of the Thomas Collection luxury decorative pillows.

People sometimes think cowhide themed décor is only fit for western films, but that isn’t the case at all! Contemporary throw pillows made from cowhide are a beautiful finishing touch to any room. In fact, these modern cushions have a lot to offer!

The biggest advantage of the cowhide cushion is that it is incredibly hard wearing, unlike many cheaper artificial alternatives. This means that it can be family heirloom of sorts, a prized possession that can last for many years. It also fits in nicely with different color schemes and décor selections. And even if you buy a cowhide cushion to go with your existing décor, it will still be right there complimenting the decor when you entirely redecorate your room. These cushions also happen to be very stylish and aesthetically pleasing. From board rooms to living rooms, we really can’t think of a situation these wouldn’t look good in! And to top it all off, cowhide cushions do great in homes with plenty of kids and pets because these are stain resistant and can handle a fair amount of play.

Versatility at Its Best for the Discerned Decorator!
If you think you’ll only get a palette of browns with cowhide cushions and decorative pillows, you are in for a surprise!

Beautiful cowhide pillows come in many colors and color combinations. These include black, black and white, brown and white, tan and white, tan and grey, pure tan and pure grey. Cowhide rugs truly run the entire gamut of neutral colors, enhancing the natural palette in any room. These colors look just as good with a brighter décor as they do with neutral décor. So whatever sort of furnishing you decide on, you can get wonderful results every time with the addition of an outstanding and eye-catching cowhide cushion.

The cowhide cushion is equally at home in the restaurant as it is in the living room. The ruggedness is perfect for high traffic areas as such waiting lounges and reception areas, making these cushions seriously good value for money.

Put them in front of the fireplace when you are looking for a cozy evening, or add them to the bed for a truly comfortable experience. If you have never considered getting them before, now is the time to do it because cowhide everything is going to be big next year. Look for them at

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