Nov 10, 2014

How to Match the Colors between Furniture and Home Environment?

Furniture occupies most of the space in home environment. Therefore, the harmonious degree between the furniture and home environment has huge influence on the integrated visual effect. The good furniture for a home not only needs to be beautiful for its appearance, but also have to coordinate with the environment. How to adjust the relationship between furniture and home environment?

The cool color as the main color, colorful but not frivolous
Some people want the colorful home environment. For instance, paint the wall by the fresh colors. But they worry about that the too bright color may make the room frivolous and vulgar. In fact, you can avoid this kind of worry if you spend some thoughts on furniture and ornaments matching.

For the bright color wall, the dark color furniture is the best choice for it. But you should know that if the wall color is warm color tone such as peach pink, the furniture should choose the warm color tone such as cherry wood material furniture. If the wall color is cool color tone such as water blue and yellowish green, you should avoid using the following material and the black walnut wood is more suitable for it. The dark color furniture presents a steady feeling, which can hold the overall atmosphere.

Convergence color, stress the tranquil and pure flavor
The urban life is too busy and noisy. Therefore, many people pursue tranquil and nature feeling for home so that they can have a rest harbor for their tired condition. Decrease the color, the light and pure color is better at bringing you this kind of home environment.

The light blue grey can relax your stressful nerve. If you put this kind of color on the wall or curtain, your room may seem tranquil and soft with a retro flavor. In this kind space, the grey white furniture or cool color fabrics are nice choices.

Echo theme, gorgeous no matter for contrast or unification
If you have a theme location for your home space in advance, it would be much easier for you to match the furniture and ornaments. No matter for harmonious unified visual affect or impact contrast effect, the theme echo for the furniture and the home environment can help your dreams come true.

For instance, if you want to create refresh and natural living room theme atmosphere, the light green and natural elements are indispensible. With light green pattern sofa can be the visual focus for the whole living room and echo with the same color curtain or all kinds of green plants, the natural flavor space is emerged. Besides, woody coffee table with carving craft, woody lamp socket or bamboo curtain can create a harmonious visual effect. Find more on  

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