Nov 1, 2014

Leaving the Harbor

I, hubby and some friends took a ferry ride Saturday morning last week to cross the Sunda Strait. The ferry left from the Merak Harbor (Cilegon, Banten Province).  From my city Bogor, it takes about three hours car ride to reach this harbor. The ferry ride itself was about two hours. All pics captured from the commuter boat.



The Weekend in Black and White

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Dragonstar said...

A great sequence. I particularly like the last one - a beautiful view with very nice water texture.

Anonymous said...

Lovely monochromes with a nice documentary content

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Wonderful compositions. I especially like the top one.

Carver said...

Good sequence in black and white. The last one is my favorite.

Annette P.-L. said...

All are very lovely! Especially I like the third one! Full of atmosphere!

Jarek said...

Lovely monochromes. I particularly like the last one.

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