Nov 5, 2014

Automation for Home Safety

Home automation used to be touted for the rich and prosperous, but today's technology makes it possible to afford surveillance gadgets on almost any budget. From smartphones to tablets, technology is in your hands all day long. Integrate automation into the home and connect it to your device for instant home security. Consider adding any of these components to start your household device update.

Motion Sensor Alerts

Although motion sensors have been around for some time, they can now be instantly attached to your smartphone or other gadget. A motion sensor detects a person in your backyard, for example. Your phone lights up with an alert whether you're at home or the office. Notify the police if the threat is true. It could just be the neighbor's dog sniffing the grass, but staying safe is your ultimate goal.

Cameras throughout the Home

Enhance the motion sensors with cameras. After your alert pops up, activate the camera view on your device. You'll instantly know if it's a mistake or real intruder. Cameras are so low-cost and small that criminals may not even detect their locations. Watch any of your cameras from a computer, smartphone or tablet to feel confident about security even on vacation.

Instant Lighting

Automating your lighting may seem too high-tech, but it offers several key advantages for the entire family. Turn on the lights from the car as you pull into the driveway, for instance. You never need to walk into a dark home again. Access the lighting from a remote location. Change the lighting concept while on vacation to make the home look occupied when it really isn't in use.

Integrating Security Monitoring
alarm relay
You could have everything in control, but professional monitoring is a valuable asset to integrate into the system. Companies, such as alarm relay, give you a point-of-contact in case of emergencies. If you have an issue with the system, they can monitor and verify all devices and their functions. With instant access to the authorities, monitoring can be a life-saving feature in your home. Consider adding it the moment you automate.

Although crime rates vary widely across the country, you want to have a home that's difficult to infiltrate. When potential thieves see a complex security system, they want to find an easier target to avoid detection. Don't be a target and add some of these devices to the home today.

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