Nov 22, 2013

Why Your Carpets Should Be Of Exceptional Quality

Purchasing a carpet for your space should be something that is done to complete the room. When the carpet is of exceptional quality, such as those created by Colbourns, it is expected to last a long time without losing any of its integrity. This rug and carpet making company only uses exceptional quality materials to turn out beautiful works of art for use in your home.

Beauty of the Design is Maintained 

When special care is taken as far as the construction is concerned, the beauty of the design within a carpet is kept even after cleanings. Colours tend to present themselves in a brighter fashion and patterns tend to remain in place without warping when exceptional materials and craftsmanship are used.

Vibrant colours and ornate designs using only quality wool yarns also have an exquisite foot feel. It is important that a quality rug feels as good as it looks. Whether you choose to hang the item on a wall for display or use it for its intended purpose, the feel has to be what the mind imagines to be completely satisfied with the piece. 

Longevity of Use 

With higher quality comes an expectation of longevity. Carpets can generally last longer and are more durable when high-quality materials are used. The careful craftsman ship of hand tufted rugs aids in the expected longevity. Some carpets or rugs made of high-quality materials can withstand some outdoor use as well, as long as the conditions are dry. The versatility of the item paired with longevity is ideal. 

Make the Carpet a Family Heirloom 

This is an ideal way to keep memories alive of a specific moment or holiday. Share the hand tufted rug with other family members and tell the story of why the memory is attached to it to the younger generations. Family stories such as this make a lasting impression. As the carpet or rug is passed down, the story goes with it. The memories never die and this family heirloom will remain an important piece of several homes as it changes hands. 

Durability for Required Space 

Exceptional quality often means durability. In high traffic areas, or areas with frequent foot traffic, a rug made of exceptional materials and with careful craftsmanship can withstand years of foot traffic. Even with regular cleanings, the piece should remain unphased. Some may prefer dry cleaning while others will just take the rug out to beat it in the air. Either process is suitable. In rooms where sunlight or exposure to elements is limited, the durability and sustainability of a high-quality rug or carpet is upheld.

You can expect hand tufted items from this maker to be constructed of only the most exceptional materials.

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