Nov 5, 2013

Lawn Service – Livonia, MI Experts Share Top Tips On How To Liven Up Your Garden

Maintaining a garden is not easy; even avid gardeners struggle with the task. There’s an interworking of various components that impact the growth of every plant; there’s weather, the seasons, the natural environment of the area, and you can even throw in your very busy schedule in the mix that prevents you from making your daily rounds to see if all living things in this micro eco-system are growing well. All these things affect how a garden grows and if you’re not conscientiously doing your bit, don’t be surprised if your garden grows into a problematic patch of land at the back or in front of your property.
If you wish to liven up your garden and ensure that it grows into the green paradise you have always envisioned it to become, the trusted experts in lawn service Livonia, MI locals rely on share some fast and easy tips so you can improve your landscaping and ensure that your plants grow healthily. These minor fixes can create a big difference in the overall appearance of your lawn and garden and you can easily squeeze them into your weekly routine.

1.   Prune dead or wilted branches or stems from your plants, including the shrubs and trees. Trim here and there to maintain the right proportions and enhance the growth of the plants.

2.   Use the trimmed leaves and branches as ingredients for your compost or mulch. With a chipper or shredder, turn them into pulverized debris.

3.   Precision cut vertical overgrowth of grass to keep edges clean.The professionals in lawn service Dearborn, MI folks hire for the job claim that garden shears can easily do the job if you do not have a power edger.

4.   Regularly add a new layer of mulch to plant bed and paths. Use the mulch you’ve created with the trimmed leaves and branches. Doing this bit can make the beds look fresh.

5.   Prevent “erosion” from plant beds by sealing the edges with pebbles, bricks or nice little picket fences; this also provides an extra advantage by adding dimension to the landscape, claims a lawn service Southgate, MI homeowners turn to.

6.   If you have the money, add in-season flowering or foliage plants. They’ll add color and contribute to the proportions of your landscape for a more appealing look. You may also want to invest in perennials as they are very low maintenance and they look good pretty much all year round.

7.   Invest in lawn or garden lighting to highlight the layout or careful arrangement of flowers and plants. Lighting also adds security benefits. If you have the budget for it, you can use LED lighting. Studies in Japan reveal that LED can assist the growth of plants; the colors become more vibrant and the texture of leaves become more refined.

About The Author: Kenneth Lawrence is a "handyman". His craft involves DIY concepts and he loves to share guidelines and tips about things related to home improvement. He shares that lawn care can be done for you by experts so you can free up time to focus on things you love to do. He recommends for home owners based in Michigan in search for professional lawn care services.
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Staff Administrator said...

berguna sekali nih cara dan tips untuk perawatan taman atau kebun nya ya mbak Lin :)

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Very interesting, but I have no garden!!

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