Nov 1, 2013

An Amazing Container House in Japan

It's always interesting to see an unusual approach to interior design, and when that's paired with innovative techniques in constructing the house itself the results can be breathtaking...such is the case with this amazing Japanese home constructed from shipping containers.

This four story house is located on the shoreline of one of Japan's outlying islands, offering panoramic views across the pacific from a rooftop patio and many windows that can be flung open to let in fresh sea breezes during the summer months.

Of particular interest is the beautiful bathroom, featuring a cast iron bath from Drummonds of England, along with traditional shower, sink and WC fittings. The combination of Victorian-era design combined with an ultra-modern approach to home construction (and simply amazing views) shows off both the best of old and new to great effect.
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Cutella said...

Its quite interesting!

yOu said...

amazing home....

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