Nov 20, 2013

Bathroom Tile Trends

Earth-toned tiles are a great choice for ultra-modern, angular bathrooms. Image

Are you an ambitious social climber? How about a retro culture lover? The tiles you use to decorate your bathroom say a lot about your attitude and personality, making them a great gauge of exactly who you are.

These five bathroom tile trends each attract a different type of interior decorator – a highly ambitious innovator, a nature-loving hippie, an appreciator of all things retro, and more. Read on to discover these five new bathroom trends from Tile Depot and work out which category you fit into.

1.       The return of retro bathrooms

Classic film posters, blackboards turned bathroom walls and stylish chrome fixtures are all trademarks of the retro bathroom. These stylish bathrooms look excellent in restored classic homes, especially those with wooden bathroom flooring.

When it comes to tiles, most retro bathrooms keep it simple – white and black tiles for a high-contrast look, or classic porcelain tiles for a timeless look that’s almost as modern as it is classically cool.

2.       The earth-toned natural bathroom

Modern and stylish but still in touch with its natural side, the earth-toned natural bathroom uses stylish granite and slate tiles to create a look that’s earthy yet still incredibly stylish.

Since these tiles are available in a variety of earth tones, they’re the perfect choice for homes that use modern design but natural colour schemes. Brown, green and black tiles are the ideal choice here, preferably in matching wall and floor designs.

3.       Ultra-modern, super chic bathrooms

Sharp lines, dark and powerful colours and plenty of contrast are all characteristics of the ultra-modern, super chic bathroom. Immensely stylish and highly impressive, this bathroom design scheme is the look of choice for today’s ambitious executive.

Creating the ambitious, ultra-modern look is simple. Stick to dark colours and stone materials – granite, in particular. For feature walls and borders, use copper tiles to give the room an incredibly powerful, high-contrast look that’s sure to impress.

4.       The classic light, bright and airy bathroom

The polar opposite of the ultra-modern, super chic bathroom, the classic light and bright bathroom uses tiles and flooring that create very little contrast to develop a comfortable, welcoming environment.

For this look, you should stick to light and friendly colours like pale blue, light pink and even off-white. Choose ceramic or porcelain tiles in the lightest possible shade to create an environment that’s comfortable and timeless while still stylish.

5.       The high-contrast black and white bathroom

Wooden flooring, white porcelain bathroom furniture and black and white tiles are key elements of the high-contrast traditional bathroom. Equal parts retro cool and modern design, the high-contrast bathroom is all about creating a stylish space.

Choose black and white mosaic tiles for this interior design scheme, and consider arranging them diagonally for an even more impressive look. This design scheme looks wonderful with a dark, polished wooden floor for added natural contrast.
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