Nov 21, 2013

10 of the Coolest Modern Bathroom Designs

The bathroom may one of the most frequented rooms in the house, but it typically receives less attention than other rooms – especially in terms of style and design. Resist the urge to make the bathroom into an all-business space by trying out any of the following modern design ideas. Each could turn your bathroom into a place where people enjoy spending time.

Heat things up.
A hot shower is one thing – but what about a hot bathroom? Well… a warm bathroom, that is. Some bathroom designs are now including a tub-side fireplace that adds equal helpings of heat and ambiance to your bathing experience. In some cases, the fireplace is actually double-sided, with the other side facing the master bedroom.

Go green!
The green movement is in full swing, though it often ends up being more style than substance. In bathrooms of the future, however, it may end up being both. Some innovative designers have even introduced systems that use grey water from the sink to flush the toilet. We’re all for it, as long as those pipes only flow in one direction…

Be bold.
Bold colours are particularly popular in modern bathroom designs. Bright and daring colours add drama to a room that is often otherwise written as mundane. Some people seem to be of the impression that the mere presence of the toilet makes the entire bathroom worth overlooking. But that just makes bold bathroom designs all the more memorable.

Embrace an East Asian design theme.
Asian motifs are increasingly popular in the West, though homeowners rarely think of taking their bathroom in an Eastern direction. Consider swapping steel and concrete for wood and frosted glass. Pops of red and gold complete the motif.

Design for two.
Many modern bathrooms are designed to accommodate two persons during the morning routine. This means that they offer a bit more space for moving around. Jack-and-Jillstyle bathrooms also have two sinks and two bathroom mirrors (or a singleelongated one).

Create an in-house spa.
Everyone loves a good pampering now and again. But if you turn your own bathroom into a veritable spa, you can turn ‘now and again’ into a daily occurrence. In this case, the design is in the details. The following special touches can give your bathing experience a spa-like atmosphere:
·         Wear a plush bathrobe to and from the bathroom.
·         Rely on candlelight rather than fluorescence.
·         Look up recipes and instructions for DIY facials.
·         Don’t forget the essential oils.

Go retro.
Okay, so maybe it’s not all that modern, but many contemporary designers are into adding nostalgic retro touches to bathrooms. Think: claw-foot porcelain tubs, toilets with detached tanks, pedestal sinks and wood flooring.

Splurge on a luxury shower.
In the past, luxury in the bathroom was synonymous with a lavish tub and little else. Today’s bathers are as likely to favour a scrub in the shower to a soak in the tub, and that leaves room for a new luxury fixture. High-end showers feature everything from push-button temperature selectors to body spray functions.

Incorporate wood in unexpected ways
It’s not uncommon for homeowners to use wood for cabinets in the bathroom, but who ever heard of a hardwood sink or teak bathtub? Thanks to the stabilising power of epoxy resins and polishing processes, it’s possible to create waterproof woods that hold water without rotting.

Let natural light pour in.
People often shy away from installing too many windows in the bathroom. But the truth is, natural light works wonders in this room. In case you are concerned, there are plenty of creative ways to let light in without giving those peeping Toms a line of sight. Skylights and angled windows both do the job.
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