Nov 20, 2013

What Your Dining Room Says About You

Just like a person’s library is a great look into their interests, a person’s home is a great look into their personality. From flooring to furniture, interior decorating is often a great insight into someone’s outlook, their attitude, and their lifestyle.

Classic wooden furniture is an ideal choice for a home dining room. Image

In this guide, we’ll be looking at dining room decorations and furniture as a window into your personality. From wallpaper and flooring to tables and dining sets, read on to discover what your dining room says about you.

Light and Bright: Friendly, Kind and Welcoming

Friendly, open and welcoming people tend to decorate their homes in light colours and shades. Some people believe that this is because of the welcoming feel of a light blue or pastel pink interior decorating scheme – a theory that seems to be true.

Generally, dining rooms that are decorated in light colours feel more feminine and relaxed than their dark, more colourful counterparts. Create a relaxing and friendly dining environment that reflects your personality by keeping your wallpaper light, bright and full of life.

Dense and Colourful: A Natural Entertainer

From bright red to royal blue, powerful colours are signs that the homeowner is a natural entertainer and showman. Colourful paintings and stylish furniture add an air of life and activity to a room that’s perfect for people with bubbly personalities.

While you’ll rarely find powerful colours in the dining room of a friendly, easygoing person focused on creating a relaxing atmosphere, they’re a popular choice amongst those aiming to create inspiring, artistic conversations over dinner.

Dark and Ultra-Modern: Ambitious and Status-Focused

Dark colours, powerful copper tiles and stylish ultra-modern furniture are all signs of an ambitious, Type-A personality. Equal parts 1980s yuppie chic and minimalistic modern designer, dark and ultra-modern dining rooms suit those with an incredible sense of ambition and a taste for the finer things in life.

While this dining room might see a lot of Dom Pérignon and caviar, it’s not the ideal place to find a delicious, home-cooked meal. Perfect for the busy, focused corporate type, this dining room colour scheme tends to favour those with busy schedules and outgoing personalities.

Classic Wooden Furniture: Relaxed, Confident and Comfortable

If dark colours and ultra-modern furniture represent the person climbing the ladder of success, classic wooden furniture represents the person that knows they’re made it to the top.

Comfortable chairs, a crackling fireplace and delicious home-cooked food are great trademarks of this type of living room. People that opt for older, more classic dining room furniture tend to more secure in their position in life, and less likely to spend their time scheming about how to enhance their career or romantic prospects. 
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