Nov 15, 2013

The Advantages of Using Hills Folding Frame Clothesline

Doing the laundry is considered one of the biggest energy-consuming chores for most households. The washing machine and the dryer use up too much energy (and water) even for smaller batches of laundry, and what’s more, most people just can’t seem to take on the chore manually even if it doesn’t require any special skills. The convenience these machines provide, for most, is definitely worth the cost, but there is a growing number of people willing to sacrifice convenience to save some extra money.

Washing dirty clothes is truly a strenuous task so it’s completely understandable if people are really not inclined to hand-wash, but drying clothes is a different matter. This chore can definitely be done manually and at no additional cost to households; people just need space behind their homes, a sturdy clothesline, and the sun – big batches of laundry can be dried in just a matter of hours, especially on a sunny, windy day.

Some people’s issue with clothing lines, however, is that they need a big area for installation, and with the compact living spaces that many have these days, finding the right place to install a clothesline always proves to be a big challenge. But this problem actually already has a solution; there are lots of options apart from the permanent clothesline stretched between two posts, and one of them is the Hills folding frame clothesline. This great solution attaches to a wall; it can be fit tightly against it when not in use, so you get space back. To dry clothes, simply unfold the unit. A lot of apartment buildings even already have this type of clothesline installed and ready to use. It also comes in ground mount option or design, which is ideal for households that actually have extra ground space to work with; it basically has the same mechanism as the wall mount type, except that it’s attached to the ground.

What’s particularly advantageous about Hills folding frame clotheslines is that the brand ensures durability. Since they are usually installed outdoors and are constantly exposed to weather elements, the materials used are top quality ones. They will not corrode and bend out of shape even with frequent use and contact with water. Likewise, they remain sturdy even if heavy laundry is hung like blankets, bed sheets, and comforters. Some people even use this type of clothesline for cleaning carpets and the line does not succumb to the weight and all the crazy smacking of the broom done to get rid of dust. It’s quite versatile, actually, and depending on the size people purchase, they can find so many creative uses for it in their homes.

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