Nov 7, 2013

Lawn Service – Plano Experts Address Pest Issues To Maintain Beautiful And Healthy Gardens

A thing of beauty is a joy forever – this is what a lot of homeowners believe about and see in their gardens. When flowers are all abloom, the grass is cut to a nice height, and there’s a healthy buzzing of miniature garden cultivators, the scene is like paradise and there’s no way one won’t feel joy about it.

But most gardens do not just naturally grow into beauty. Most of the time, there are pest issues that need to be properly addressed because they mess with the balance of the “environment.”  A lot of people are quick to control these pests using pesticides, but according to a popular provider of lawn service Plano locals turn to, using these chemical pesticides can actually make the problem worse. Firstly, they can cause health problems, and secondly, they are surely not eco-friendly – if you use them, you may kill the little creepy crawlers and buggers, but you’re likely to kill your plants as well.

A reputable lawn service Frisco homeowners hire to care for their gardens swears by organic pest control; not only is it a safer solution, but it actually yields other benefits as well such as decreasing your household’s carbon footprint and even enhancing the quality of the soil and the plants. 

One of the pest control solutions used by highly experienced lawn services is compost. It’s a natural form of pest control because compost-enriched soil not only wards off common garden pests but it can also prevent plant and soil diseases. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, compost, be it coffee or any other type, helps control parasitic nematodes by infusing more nutrients to the soil. These nutrients then encourage the growth of helpful fungi as well as other organisms that compete with or destroy these parasitic nematodes. Other garden diseases that compost effectively addresses are chilli pepper wilt and ashy stem blight (also known as charcoal rot) – great information to know if you’re planting some edibles in your garden as well.

Another pest control solution recommended by a lawn service McKinney gardeners rely on is the use of natural pesticides. With select cooking ingredients, a potent insect repellent can be made. For example, ants do not like garlic, so you can create a spray using chopped garlic and water – it doesn’t harm the plants, but definitely keeps the ants away. Now, to prevent harmful fungi, the concoction of garlic, mineral oil and soap is very effective. And do you know that milk is also a good fungicide? The lactic acid from milk kills fungi that grow on plants and vegetables.

With all these organic pest control solutions, addressing pest issues does not need to mess with the “balance” of your garden. To learn more ways of keeping gardens and lawns beautiful and healthy, seek the advice of lawn care professionals.

About the author: Kenneth Lawrence is a passionate “Handyman.” He also writes articles about gardening, home improvement, interior decoration, landscaping and other topics that can help homeowners improve their property. He also visits to know more about the latest pest control solutions and methods that can help homeowners improve their turfs.
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