Nov 12, 2013

Two Types of 5S Red Tags and Accessories for Improved Organization

Businesses need effective organization, and for this purpose, Japanese businesses have come up with the five important pillars of functional organization. Coming from a nation that’s thoroughly committed to obedience to hierarchy and continuous discovery of highly effective systems for productivity, the five pillars of 5S definitely make sense: Sort or Seiri in Nihonggo is to eliminate all useless items in the workplace; Set in Order or Seiton is to arrange the items used daily or regularly so they are accessible and easily stored; Shine or Seiso is to keep everything clean and working properly; Standardize or Seiketsu is to develop a routine for the first three pillars; and lastly, Sustain or Shitsuke is to create a culture that follows the steps on a daily basis.

Knowing these principles was not enough, though, so products were created to support the culture of staying organized. Some of them are 5S red tags which come in two types: the adhesive ones and the conventional version.

The adhesive 5S red tags are very affordable and can be used for different types of operations. They’re quick and easy to use and can be attached even to objects that do not have a good tie-point for string or wire tags such as boxes. These red tags are very “tacky” so there’s no need to worry about them coming off, especially during transport. These tags present all important data for proper tagging.

The second option or type is the conventional stringed 5S red tag. It’s also very affordable and has all the important information for appropriate tagging. Strong wire ties keep the tags in place and they can be attached to luggage and bags. The tag has comment lines for specific information, is double-sided to accommodate additional information, and it comes in different sizes. This is a very useful provision for notifying personnel about items that need to be moved for better organization and storage, or disposal.

As for accessories, there are red tag boards which are used to hold or organize red tags to be used. It’s quite a versatile product because they make storage of red tags (it has a built-in holder) and identification of red tag areas easy. The board can be used to leave messages or notes for special instructions because of its dry erase capability. People can attach notes written on paper to it as well using the two magnets every board comes with.

The tags, small as they are, are surely helpful in streamlining processes, and with all the demands work operations have to cater to, having the right products for organization can definitely make a big difference.

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