Oct 29, 2012

Travelling Solo

Going on a holiday alone is an adventure but an intrepid traveler going on vacation alone to Galway, Ireland and to other places in the globe still needs to be careful. Regardless of gender, anyone can vacation alone but it is a must to take precautionary measures which will ensure one’s safety. After booking your Connemara hotel, it is time to follow some basic guidelines which will make your solo travel the best you ever had.

The foremost concern of people travelling alone is safety.  If you have no companion to watch help keep a lookout, you are very vulnerable to scam artists and criminals. The saying “safety in number” is not always true. When you travel solo, you can blend in easily with groups.

Do your homework. Thanks to the Internet, it has now been a lot easier to get a good idea of your potential destination. If you want to enjoy your vacation, you must learn as much as you can about the place, in this case, Galway, Ireland. However, you must remember that official tourism websites have the tendency to paint only the rosiest pictures to be able to attract a lot of visitors.

When travelling alone it is a must to know the transport cost from the airport to the various hotels in Connemara where you intend to stay. People travelling alone are more likely to be taken for a ride by cab drivers. Before the cab leaves ask the driver how much it will cost you. If the driver gives you a figure which is considerably far off from what you know, take a different cab.

Before leaving it is a must to find out if the destination you are going to, regardless if it’s a self-catering Galway apartment or a Connemara hotel, you have to find out if they are open so late or you might have to sleep in your car.

Aside from carrying identification and travel documents, you must also scan them and email them to yourself.  In case you end up losing your bag, you will still have access to your travel documents, thanks to the Internet.

Do not draw attention to yourself by wearing flashy jewelry in public. You will only be making yourself a victim of mugging or you will have to come home to a hotel room which is ransacked.  It would also be helpful to avoid looking like a tourist.  Do not walk around with your face on the guidebook.

Trust everyone and no one. This can be confusing and this might be something which is quite difficult to do but if you are a tourist, this is a must.  One of the reasons people want to travel alone is that it gives them a reason to meet new people who have a culture different than theirs.  However, the fact that you are alone in a place which you are not familiar with also makes you very vulnerable.

Remember that scam artists can be the most charming people you have ever met. Be open-minded but do not let your guard down.

Article by Janet Joyce is a freelance writer who enjoys exploring Connemara, she writes about Hotels in Connemara.
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