Oct 18, 2012

Leather is Making a Strong Impact This Season

If you are thinking that leather is making a strong impact only in fashion clothing, you would be mistaken. Leather furniture is big this year and has been slowly making inroads into the general furniture landscape. Once expensive and considered an absolute luxury, it is about time leather became more exposed to the larger, more diverse furniture retailing world.

The Dillon in Leather

The Dillon in leather is a variation on a theme which has been with us for many years, although sadly not so much in leather. It is pleasing to see leather furniture becoming more mainstream and no longer the preserve of the wealthy. If you cast your mind back to the 70s, for those of us who were around then, it was even difficult to find a retailer which sold leather furniture.
Four decades is a mere blink of an eye in historical terms, and it was extremely rare to see a leather sofa or chair. How many people who remember the decade in which polyester was king can honestly remember ANY of their friends or acquaintances owning leather furniture? Leather was expensive and the craft was on the wane.

Leather Furniture Manufacture
It is extremely pleasing to see an increase in the numbers of people returning to the craft, and also seeing increasing ranges and styles of leather furniture in more traditional furniture showrooms and retail outlets. The Dillon in leather is just one of myriad styles and colours available to modern day consumers. As the numbers increase the prices come down although for the luxury which leather furniture is, it will always carry a premium.

A Fusion of Exquisite Form and Basic Functionality
The Dillon leather sofa, as you can see from the image (and its accompanying chair), is a truly eye-catching design which exudes class and sophistication. The silhouette offers the viewer a stunning visual appearance; however, it may not be the main reason more and more people are choosing leather furniture as a lifestyle accompaniment.
If the truth be known, leather furniture is chosen because:
Leather furniture looks good
Leather furniture feels good
Leather furniture is comfortable
It fits in comfortably with modern lifestyle choices

Individual Style
Although you cannot deny that leather furniture is made with the aid of modern, efficient machinery, the skill of the leather worker shines through in each individual piece. Leather, unlike fabric, is a natural material, and although it is dyed and treated, the process is far different to the processes used to create furniture from fabric materials. If you're going to buy in to the leather phenomenon you mustn’t forget leather accessories, too.

A mirror hanging on the wall framed with luxurious full grain leather or an occasional table will only add to the sense of luxury, and there isn't anything which quite matches the look, the feel and the smell of leather furniture. If you're going to make a lifestyle statement AND get one over your neighbors, you can’t do any better than this.

Anyone can have a personal attachment to the latest Dillon in leather sofa suite.
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