Oct 13, 2012

Galway Travel Tips

If you are like most people, you probably have yearly travel plans. Travelling is a good way to reliever yourself of stress from work. It is also the best way to discover new cultures, meet new people and see amazing places. Some people want to go where most people go while others wish to travel the least beaten path.  There are indeed several wonderful places to go to.

Galway is solely becoming Ireland’s tourist destinations. It is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful places in Ireland. Its breath taking beauty can be best discovered by staying for at least two nights. This is enough time to allow visitors to explore the picturesque scenery of the vibrant city and its friendly people. Galway city is also a fantastic place to start your tour of the west of Ireland.

If you choose to stay in Galway city, one of the things which you should not forget is to book a hotel. There are numerous hotels in Galway City and they range from simple and budget friendly 2-star hotels to the luxurious and pricey 5 star hotels. There is always something to suit everyone’s needs and budget.
Galway is the fifth largest city in Ireland and it is one of the most loved Irish cities not only by locals, but by visitors, as well. Galway is a lively city which is popular for its laid-back attitude and it has two festivals which are very popular, the Galway Arts Festival and the Galway Races. The summer months is the best time to travel to Galway because of the myriad of festivities, however, it is also the most expensive season. Some of the attractions which tourists should not forget to visit are the Promenade, the Spanish Arch, Eyre Square and the cobbled stones of the city center.

Staying in one of the hotels in Galway will not require you to spend a lot of money on public transport because Galway City is a very small city and it is walkable. If you want to be on the thick of it all, the restaurants, shops and clubs, you should look for a hotel which is located in Eyre Square. Other prime locations for Galway hotels are Quay and Foster Street.

Salthill is a charming seaside resort which can be found just 3 kilometers south of Galway city. The two places are connected by bus. It is an important suburb which is a popular holiday destination, attracting thousands of tourists all year round. Some of its most famous features is the 2-kilometer promenade which overlooks the Galway Bay. There are several things to enjoy in Salthill and some of them are horseriding, different types of water sports and leisurely strolls.

Salthill also has the best choices of bars, restaurants and cafes and you will never be deprived of food when you go there. It is a must to sample the culinary masterpieces whipped up by local chefs. Hope this guide will help you select the perfect Galway hotel during your stay in the city. 
Article by Elissa Joyce is a freelance writer who enjoys exploring Galway City, she writes about Hotels in Galway.

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