Oct 8, 2012

Shoes and How They Have Set Fashion Trends

Down the ages, celebrities, royalty, movie stars and high profile singers have set many a trend when it comes to clothes, fashion, hairstyles and even make up! From the uber big and dramatic makeup and hair of the 60s to today’s minimalistic make up, the fashion industry has seen and perhaps even steered it all. One aspect of clothing that has led from the front when it comes to fashion is footwear. Throughout history, women and men have changed the way nations clad their feet. Some designs were iconic and have evolved into modern designs today. While some seem to have stood the test of time right from the beginning. Here’s looking at a few iconic fashion trends.

Every girl wanted to own a pair of ruby shoes after the movie “The Wizard of Oz”. Since the time the movie hit the nation in 1939, ruby shoes were all the rage. Today we have all kinds of shades of red of course and it seems like red shoes are here to stay! Perhaps on the other side of the shoe spectrum is the footwear that has no color. The nude heels are a very classy item indeed. One of the most useful aspects of the nude shoes is that they can be teamed up with virtually any outfit. Runway models and movies stars have all been seen sporting the nude shoes look with great √©lan.

Would a fashionista be caught wearing completely flat shoes? Well, surprisingly perhaps, yes! Flats were made famous by Audrey Hepburn in 1957 and since then have been extremely popular among shoe lovers. Of course today, the world of shoes has seen flats evolving to include even conventionally men’s footwear like brogues and Oxfords. The flats have also been embellished with glitter, graphic prints and lots of bling making it an ideal choice for party wear too. From flats, one can go to, literally, greater heights for the high heels are yet another iconic shoe.

It is reported that Marie Antoinette wore her high heels even when she headed to the guillotine. Teetering around on heels that are a few inches high is pretty normal for the woman who loves her high heels. Heels have also come in various styles – wedges, platform, kitten heels and block heels. Today, it is the time for the kitten heel and the wedge to shine a bit more brightly. But there is no denying that high heels are here to rule the world. High heels are also paired with boots and sneakers too to give them that extra degree of style.

Speaking of boots, one more iconic shoe trend was and still remains the go - go boot. Typically, the go – go boot is associated with a person who has a fun sense of fashion. They come in a range of colors and are more often than not, teamed up with a short skirt. Depending on the way in which they are styled, they can look extremely chic so pick up a well designed pair of boots to let loose your fun side!

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