Oct 17, 2012

Beyond the Ordinary: Double Glazed Windows

Take your home to a new level of health and comfort through double glazed windows. These flexible and maintenance-free sustainable windows are perfect for extreme and unpredictable climates which can also accommodate other types of climates.

Excellent Insulation Properties

Your windows are one of the most important features of your home. They provide a barrier and at the same time a link to the surrounding environment. You can enjoy nature’s picturesque views or the bustling city life without sacrificing comfort with double glazed windows. Like most openings in a building or house, the doors and windows are susceptible to drafts. This equates to having cold air entering and hot air from escaping and vice versa. Another problem for most conventional types of windows is that they have a high rate of heat absorption. While you enjoy the panoramic view through your sliding glass windows you’ll have to deal soon with heat retention in your home especially during the summer season.

Windows for Any Climate

Either for new construction or replacement windows you can choose the right type of double glazed windows. There are three general types of windows you can choose from:

  1. High-Solar-Gain glass. Insulates heat and prevents heat loss. Perfect for areas that experience cool summers and very cold winters.
  2. Moderate-Solar-Gain glass. Suitable for areas that experience mild summers and winters with its ability to retain light while letting in a good amount of heat.
  3. Low-Solar-Gain glass. Superior protection against UV rays making it perfect for areas with extremely high temperatures during summers.

Noise Reduction and Double Protection

Building a home in the city has always been a challenge for both homeowners and construction professionals. Jammed traffic day or night, crowded streets, high crime rate and nosy neighbors are only a few of the many worries that you have to deal with when living in the exciting urban setting.

Double glazed windows help you in create a more comfortable home with its noise reduction capabilities. This is due to the fact the wider the gap between the glass panels the greater the sound is diffused. The double glazing is also advantageous in creating a tougher layer of protection. It is harder to break than other standard windows.

Versatile and Stylish

Truly the new age windows, Double glazed windows can suite anyone’s taste from its minimalist designs to its chic and decorative styles. You can choose from three different materials namely aluminum, hardwood and uPVC. Aluminum double glazed windows are made for the busy homeowner with its low maintenance feature where no painting is needed. It is the strongest choice material that does not corrode, warp or twist. When you want a more traditional feel for your home, choose hardwood double glazed windows which have been manufactured to withstand rot, weathering or termite infestation. Finished with preservative stain, you can select from wood grain or pastel colors of your taste. For superior insulation you can select our uPVC double glazed windows that won’t corrode, rot and fade in continuous exposure from the UV light. The maintenance-free uPVC also comes with a wide range of hues to choose from to mix and combine with your personalized style.

Sustainable and Affordable

Double glazed windows are offered for reasonable prices that can meet with your specifications. It is a wise investment since you’ll be cutting a large chunk of your energy bills. As an energy-saver, double glazed windows Melbourne conserves energy and utilizes the functionality of your windows.

Money-saving, flexible, high aesthetics, low-maintenance and reduction of carbon footprint, what else can you ask for.

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Article by Christy Marshall, a freelance writer who enjoys exploring the details of home improvement techniques such as double glazed windows
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