Oct 30, 2012

Interior Design Ideas & Refurbish Tips to Revamp the Looks

This write-up contains helpful information you can rely upon while revamping your space and getting interiors done in a smart way. All the recommendations are for universal application based on basic living requirements. Inspiration is all you need to get started, and then it doesn’t take much time to turn dreams into reality. Let’s hope you enjoy every bit of this interesting endeavor.
Doing the interior designing of your own home is a journey filled with joyful moments, though stress cannot be overruled. It’s a matter of perception; in this case it’s more about how you look at things such as fabrics, colors, fixtures etc. You will definitely enjoy every bit of it if you like playing around with colors, trying out different textures, designing custom furniture and stuff like that. It’s your dream home, and the best part is that you can do it all by yourself. No need to hire a professional designer, you can think of better things and keep everything as per your taste. It’s even possible to revamp an existing space and give it a brand new look with very little changes. You can mix and match classic and modern designs, do your own little things and still have fabulous results.

Let’s get started with a few basics that you should grab a good hold of before dipping your clothes in color.

Adding color to your Home
It’s important to know the impact of different colors that they can have on the looks of your space. You may be aware that light colors expand and they make a space look bigger, and dark colors have an opposite impact as they contract. So, you may make the choice of colors based on the size of the space you are dealing with. The same concept can be followed in selecting the color scheme of the walls and the upholstery. When you go for light color themes then make sure that the walls are either white or something like ivory or beige.

You should learn your painting basics before decorating a room. When going for two or more colors, you should choose colors from the same family. It’s important that you choose a base color in combination with an accent color to get a pleasant contrast. Accent colors go well on cushions, blinds and even your rug would look nice in them. But, too much of accent color everywhere may not look good, so restrict to using it on two or three elements.
Role of Doors, Windows and Furniture in the Interior Design
Do remember that doors and windows are equally important in creating an overall impact. People do tend to ignore that these two impact security as well as light and air in the area. You should shop around for doors and windows which are water resistant, termite-proof and secure at the same time. These are the practical aspects that you must keep in mind, and don’t worry you won’t have to compromise much on the design. You can always opt for bay windows as they enhance outside view.

When it comes to furniture, you should be aiming for saving as much space as possible. One way to do that is to shop around for multi-purpose furniture. You should add multiple drawers to your dressing as it will then serve double purpose. Kid’s room can have a trundle bed as then they will have ample space for their daytime activities.

You will have a lot of trouble while choosing between fashionable and practical interior designs. Always remember, this is not a onetime expense, you will need to spend regularly on maintenance.

Author Bio: David Blackwell has written and published books and articles on Home Improvement, D-I-Y, contemporary interior design, and House Renovation. He is passionate about decorating homes and loves to keep his home look clean and fresh.
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