Oct 8, 2012


 When we were on the road not far from our home, we saw a bunch of soldiers running toward-not know where. There were some yellow shirted supervisors, it’s suitable for Mellow Yellow I took several shots, but only this one was clear enough.
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Luna Miranda said...

i hope these soldiers were just doing some drills. i don't like seeing soldiers in the streets, makes me nervous.:p

Simply Delicious said...

Ditto with Luna. Great shot though.

Fruity Roll

Kim, USA said...

Looks like they are marching going somewhere. ^_^


Chubskulit Rose said...

Are they having a drill?

Visiting from Mellow Yellow Monday.
Yellow Kangaroo
Your comment is always appreciated!

Leovi said...

Must be a workout.

LadyD Piano said...

Looks like they are all in formation. Hopefully, it wasn't an emergency. Nice photo with the yellow.

Martial Arts Gear said...

It looks like some sort of a drill to me.

Marlene said...

The color tells that they're superior. :) Nice shot for MYM.

Eden said...

Nice capture.

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