Oct 23, 2012

Ergonomic Chairs for Comfort and Health


We spend long hours in office sitting on chairs, and we don’t always realize the kind of stress we may be subjecting our backs to. This kind of stress may harm the spine, and that can lead to all kinds of problems. The genesis of all this lies in our hunter- gatherer past!  Over tens of thousands of years, human bodies have become programmed to stoop, bend, run and generally be active. The modern lifestyle requires human beings to sit for long periods of time, which is something that the human body doesn’t take to at all. This is where a good ergonomic chair comes to the rescue, by considerably reducing the chances of stress related injury to muscles and joints. They also help one move more freely and with a great deal of flexibility.

When choosing a brand to buy, one should ensure that it complies with the highest standards of safety and functionality. The chairs have sparked a design revolution, with more and more manufacturers taking to adapting their technology. The basic premise of this is that the chair help a person, sit upright, while providing them relief from stress, thereby encouraging active sitting.

Now these chairs can be of different types, and one can order as per need. Some of the popular chair type are - office, executive, industrial, specialist, stand-up, conference, kneeling and many more. As we become more and more technology driven, we find that a substantial part of our working and leisure time is spent seated, in front of display screens. It is therefore imperative that we address the issue of good seating with even more seriousness.

You can in the main, order chairs which fall under three broad categories- operator chairs, task chairs and work chairs. One can of course state one’s preference in terms of the type of fabric or the colour of the chair. But in so far as the health benefits of ergonomic chairs are concerned, you would be surprised to know that poor seating can cause health risks in the shape of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and Computer Vision Syndrome. In fact, the ergonomic IT Workstation design and postural requirements for IT work involving display screens are prescribed in ISO9241-5:1999, which has European and British standard status.

Thus we see that a chair is not just something that one sits on. It is actually a means to not only be more comfortable, but also healthier. A faulty chair design can wreak havoc with our bodies that strain to cope with long periods of relative in activity. Our cave man ancestor probably had little requirement for niceties, such as chairs and furniture, but for us chairs are not only essential, they need to be ergonomically designed! However one should remember that one can only get partial assistance from such furniture, and the human body still requires its quota of physical exercise. One is therefore advised to get up from the chair, every now and then and do stretching exercises, while in office. An active lifestyle outside the office is also recommended. For that purpose you can go to RH ergonomic chairs conforms to all the requirements you need.
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