Feb 12, 2019

Top 6 Pointers on how to Clean your Mattress

A good bed and a great mattress are the basic essentials for a good night's sleep. So learning how to take care of your mattress is such a great idea that it will make it last you longer. And the fact that people spend a third of their lives on the bed, it is advisable to utilize effective cleaning techniques that guarantee proper care.
Since a lot of dirt makes its way to your mattress as you sleep, you need to acquire some techniques that you can utilize in ensuring your mattress stays clean. For your healthy sleeping purposes, use these top six pointers to help you keep your mattress clean.

1.   Get rid of Dust by a Vacuum
A lot of dust may have settled in and on your mattress. The most effective way to get rid of it is by use of a vacuum. Very simple, just run the nozzle of your vacuum over the sides and top of your mattress. You can also overturn the mattress and vacuum the underside.

In addition, there might be dust that has settled beneath the mattress's surface. If you want to get rid of it too, press the vacuum's nozzle firmly to your mattress to make sure it reaches that dust.

2.   Use Protection
In the event, you have a child who often wets your bed, use a mattress protective cover. On memory foam talk you can about different types mattresses .This is because accidents do happen. And the cover can soak up any spills or liquid before reaching the mattress. You see, by using the mattress protector you are assured of a clean and non-damp mattress. Also, since most mattress covers are machine washable, set your washer at hot wash to get rid of any bacteria. 

3.   Clean Stains Safely
In case your mattress gets stains, use an upholstery shampoo to remove it without damaging your good mattress. To ensure you use this product properly, read the instructions and directions of use that are provided with the package.

Though you can utilize alternative cleaners, just ensure you use a dry sponge or even a soft brush not to wet your mattress. And leave the mattress exposed so as to dry before you dress it.

4.   More often, wash bedding in hot water
Dust mites cannot thrive in extreme temperatures. So by washing with hot water more often, you inhibit them from growing. For added cleanliness, you can also take your blankets and pillows for dry cleaning once per 6-week period.

5.   Remove Houseplants
Though plants give your room a nice look and a calming element, some dangerous things like dust, insects, pollen, and microbes can breed in them. You know, your mattress doesn't love them. So it is wise you use fake plants. These harmful things will not breed in those non-living plants.

6.   Deodorize it
Your sweat may accumulate on your mattress and lead to a bad smell in your bedroom. To effectively clean it, sprinkle baking soda on your mattress and rub with a brush to force it to reach where the smell lies. Allow ten minutes before running over a vacuum to draw the baking soda out with the smell.


All these six pointers are objectively created to enable you to effectively clean your mattress and maintain it. To get a great night's sleep, make sure that you consider each pointer as important as the other and you will lead a healthy life in your bedroom. 

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