Feb 6, 2019

Essential Benefits Associated With Epoxy Floor Coating

When you are selecting the best flooring material, you also need to consider the paint. https://www.finegulv.no/categories/korkgulv will offer you a great opportunity to get the best floor. However, there is an increase in the use of epoxy floor coatings for both commercial and industrial flooring. These coatings are applied on concrete floors so that to provide a smooth, durable and high-performing surface that will last for many years.

Epoxy helps by acting as a sealant for your concrete floors, and that is why most warehouses, industrial sites, and buildings. When you use epoxy coating, you can easily clean and also offers safer conditions for inventory, equipment, and workers.
How to Prepare Epoxy Floor Coat

When you have to prepare an epoxy coating, you will need a slightly porous and clean surface that adheres the properly. However, this paint might not bond to a sealed or polished concrete. Moreover, you must also ensure that your concrete surface is cured fully. So, before you apply the coat, it’s essential to patch and repair the major concrete chips and cracks on the surface and also grease.

If you have an old concrete, you can start by testing the surface using your previous epoxy layers or some products applied over the years. When you are testing a sealant, you can pour a small amount of water on your floor. The water needs to soak in, but when it beads on your surface instead of soaking, it will not be suitable to use epoxy coating because it’s likely sealed.

Temperature, on the other hand, is a factor to consider before you apply your epoxy coat. You have to ensure you have a suitable temperature and follow your manufacturer’s recommendations. When you paint using unfavorable temperature, you may cause bubble and peel.

You have to mix your epoxy because it’s a two-part liquid that you also have a limited time to apply before hardening. However, finegulv.no has a variety of nice floors you can consider using.

Here are the benefits associated with epoxy coating:
·         Strength – When your epoxy becomes converted into a solid polymer, it will become strong such that it prevents the breakdown of chemicals.
·         Durability – Those concrete floors that have epoxy coating will always last for long and also become resistant to wear. In the end, you will save money that can allow you to do other essential things.
·         Saves time – The best things about using epoxy flooring is that you can easily and quickly install and therefore you need lesser time before it dries.
·         Aesthetic value – Epoxy coatings come in different colors and patterns, and you choose the one that will fit your style.
·         Minimal maintenance cleaning ­– If you apply an epoxy coating on your concrete, it removes porous areas and therefore becoming easy to clean.
·         Resisting chemicals – Another benefit of using epoxy coating is that it will continue surviving the exposure of harsh chemicals and therefore perfect
·         Helping the environment – However, the other great advantage behind using epoxy coating is that it offers a green option because of reducing usage of material.

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