Feb 8, 2019

Tired Of Paying Real Estate Agent Fees? Do This Instead!

Sell your house fast without paying commissions

Do you need to sell your property quickly? Many homeowners want to get rid of their properties without the hassle of using a real estate agent. This is your lucky day as we are about to inform you of a better way to sell your home for instant money.

By selling your home to a qualified real estate investor you will be able to sell your property immediately for cash. Most investors will be able to get your cash anywhere between 2-7 days. The best thing about this is that you will not go through the annoyance of dealing with an agent who will take months to sell your property. In addition here is another article we wrote where we speak in even further detail about the differences between selling with an investor or a real estate agent.
As properties values continue to increase there is always going to competition for people who are looking to buy your home, because of that many home owners feel as they don't have to sell their homes quickly. If you are in the position where you feel you can relax then you can look for the best property buyer by yourself. This way is quicker to sell your home but depending on the amount of repairs needed you may not receive full value for the property.

However if you do choose to use a real estate agent, just remember that you will have to pay a commision, closing costs or any other additional items that the buyers may want on the property. All of this will cut into the amount of money you receive overall for selling your home.

One of the easiest ways to avoid this situation altogether is to keep the house maintained as much as possible. Doing this periodically will help lower the amount of repairs that you will you have to pay for your house on the backend. In addition this also improves the cosmetic value of the home which will provide more perceived value to your house. By increasing the perceived value of your home you will be able to attract new buyers.

If you are looking for qualified real estate investors to sell your home to, the internet is the best option. By typing in keywords such as “We buy homes ontario” you will find real estate investors who are actively looking to buy homes for good prices. In addition you can also use the internet to promote your house yourself by listing your home on websites such as redfin or zillow.

Whatever your decision maybe, you now have some great information to help you make a better decision regarding your home. By going with a realtor you may potentially get more for your home, but you will have to deal with all the stress the comes with selling your house. By going with a real estate investor you won't have to deal with the stress of selling your home, but if your home needs a lot of repair then you might not get full value.

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