Feb 13, 2019

Commercial Roof Restoration- Indications, Significance and Benefits

Most business owners do not take many headaches regarding storms and their impact on commercial building. The truth however is, it is the roof that is among the most vital assets of any business, built for protecting the same from vandals, wildlife and weather conditions. Though roof maintenance is crucial, addressing issues such as a leak is not easy at all times. Resting on the roof's condition, walking around with fixing up equipment may be a nerve-wracking job. It is here where a professional roofing specialist comes into rescue. To maintain the health of the roof, repair leaks and prevention and taking maximum benefits of the roofing materials' warranty, feel free to consult with a local roofing specialist.
Indications of Roof Problems

Has been too long since the last roof inspection? If yes, then a business owner must ensure to have a thorough inspect through a professional right away. Despite the roof being well sealed, the water may seep in thereby causing structural damage with time. Any minor issue for that matter like sealant or warped tiles may become a disaster if does not get spotted at the right time. The moment one joins hands with a good roof inspection company such as Alignment Roofing Company Naples, they will look into these warning indications in the roof namely,

·         Air Pockets- The materials fixed on the roof are mostly designed to be durable against the harsh weather conditions and storms. Excess water and heat can create air pockets in the covering thereby putting that roof at the danger of more damage.

·         Ponding- It happens at a time when surplus water is left standing in some specific spot and for long. In fact, this will pose dangerous risks like letting moisture and mold grow under the surface of the roof that will weaken the support beams.

·         Flashing Gaps- As the harsh climatic conditions expand and contract the flashing strips it will make spaces between each other. And this will not be much long till the roof cover ultimately fails during a rainstorm, hail or snow.

Commercial Roof Maintenance and its Growing Significance

Though initially, it may appear unnecessary, a proper maintenance program will help to save a good amount during the future. By discovering and fixing the signs of warning as it takes place, you can prevent severe water damage and leaks. It will also help one in retaining the roof's full warranty by making sure that you maintain the condition with the help of regular maintenance. Every roof maintenance program will include a comprehensive inspection for identifying any prospective issue. Take a look at what you can get checked at the time of the process,

·         Check warning indications of damage and create a repair plan for getting the same fixed quickly.
·         Inspect the building thoroughly post a big storm to check for water damage. Though the roof's general condition may be stable, there may be areas which have turned weaker.
·         Look for indications of earlier leaks or other problems to make sure the repairs continue to protect the roof.
·         Eradicate all debris present on the roof. That along with removing unnecessary weight will also get rid of combustible materials like leaves that will cut down the danger of the fire to spread.
·         Check the trees and trim it. Any branches which rub on the roof may leave leaves, especially in the drains and gutters.
·         Check the downspouts, drains, and gutters for debris which also includes twigs, leaves and other forms of dirt which may provoke blockages.
·         Check the rooftop vents to make sure it is sealed properly or replace it in case the flashing is damaged or warped.
·         In case of hail storms being bigger than 1 inch in size, it is best to contact a roofing inspection specialist the moment the storm passes despite there being no visible damage.

The Top 6 Benefits of Consulting a Commercial Roof Restoration Specialist

The moment a business owner experiences issues with their commercial roof, replacement and repair will not be their sole choice. Restoration provides wonderful perks which will enable one to gain more life cost-effectively from their still sound and existing roof. Take a look at the top 6 benefits of consulting a commercial roof restoration specialist before deciding on replacing the roof in its entirety. 
1.   Cost Savings- Roof replacement undoubtedly is a significant investment. Here the cost of the materials and the labor are substantial. Though at times replacement of the roof is the finest decision for long-term benefits, a restoration that needs fewer materials and labor will cost less.

2.   Longer Depreciation Period- In fact, the federal government indeed expects one in depreciating their roof for more than 39 years. Hence it is beneficial for them in extending their roof's life as long as they are not considering the various additional repairs later.

3.   Cool Factor- The cooling factor solutions that roof specialists offer will help in lowering the existing roof's temperature. As some coatings will be extremely reflective, it can boost up solar reflectivity greatly that in turn can reduce the costs of the interior coating significantly. This way one can attain big savings on their HVAC expenditure.

4.   Tax Benefits- The truth is restorations get financed via maintenance instead of capital budgets, and this is a significant tax benefit. As maintenance expenditure, repair of the roof indicates one can expense their costs immediately. Besides, resting on where they reside, one can enjoy more tax benefits in the likes of rebates and tax credits.

5.   Multiple Choices- Resting on one's roofing system type, restoration options today are available in plenty and at a cost-effective price.

6.   Safety- Restoration can help in improving one’s building’s safety and also cut down their insurance cost.

Apart from these, the other benefits include heat efficiency, less intrusive, additional warranty and improved sustainability. The roofer will do an inspection, check the insulation condition and look for roof penetration areas. Further, they will also address other roof issues like an old roof that is not under warranty, splitting or cracked roof with no or little internal leakage and lack of surface security from foot traffic and/or the elements.

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