Feb 15, 2019

7 remarkable styles you can wear on a friend's wedding

Opening up a wedding invitation is one of life's most delightful experiences. If you've been invited to a wedding, you'll want to have the right clothing. A great dress can add to the fun. You might have something you love in your closet already. Or, you might want to splurge on a new dress. Choices from Melbourne Wedding Dresses Luv Bridal can help you look just as great as the bride. When picking out a look, keep in mind the time of the wedding. A cocktail dress will go from day into night. Beading is versatile and pretty. A floral print is right for a warm weather wedding. The choices for the right remarkable style are endless and endlessly exciting.

The Cocktail Dress

The classic cocktail offers many advantages. Cocktail dresses come in varied colors, styles and fabric. A cocktail dress is flirty and designed to be just a little bit formal. The hallmark of the cocktail dress is the length. This one reaches between the ends of your fingers when at rest and the then drapes to above the bottom of the calf. The goal is a look that skims the body and adds a slight touch of formality to the entire look. A cocktail dress is one that is perfect for a wedding where the goal is a semi-formal look.
Beautiful Beads

Beads also say style and lots of fun at the same time. A guest can use beads in many different ways. A dress with beads from head to toe is perfect for a dress for the most formal wedding. It's also possible to use beads with separates. The beaded top in a pattern of some kind says wedding formality. It can be paired with a simple black velvet skirt for a look that is understated and completely elegant. A beaded skirt can also be paired with a simple top for another look that's also quite pretty. Think about the kind of colors you like best. Silver or gold add a lovely glow. Darker shades of beads like red and navy are ideal for an evening wedding.

Floral Print

Like the bride, her guests might want to aim for something that's all about the use of flowers. Flowers look wonderful against any skin town. When looking at dresses, a floral print can take many forms. Many women love large floral prints for something that stands out in a crowd and shows off their personality. A smaller print can work equally well. Take inspiration from the colors being used in the wedding. If the bride is using shades of soft peach and yellow, look for a dress with those colors. This is a good choice for a wedding in the warmer months when the flowers are in bloom everywhere. Complement the look with actual flowers in your hair as part of an overall wedding updo.

Formal Pantsuit

Pantsuits are right for day. They're also being seen at night. Modern designers are playing around with the classic pantsuit and turning it more formal. Guests in search of a modern look for their wedding will find pantsuits made from materials such as silk and satin that immediately indicate formality the second they walk inside. For even more added elegance, add lots of details. A pair of heels can add height and help keep the suit off the ground if the wedding is being held in a less formal setting such as a field. Pantsuits also come in different styles. The halter top is a good choice for the bride who wishes to show off her well developed shoulders and her elegant fingers and toned arms.

Little Black Dress

The little black dress is a classic that's still in perfect style today. Black can be worn to a wedding just like other colors such as dark green and pink. Think about details that make this one more formal. Matte velvet is full of understated style. Shiny satin says party time. Other details make the little black dress even more elegant. A dress with an overlay of lace is right for an evening wedding. A bow can help the guest show off her figure and add details that look wonderful. This one can be worn with a sweater to help keep the cold away. Add in a heels in the same color and a beaded purse for a look that is just right for the wedding.

Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are another style trend that many guests love. These have lots of flair and even more style. Maxi dresses come in many different types of styles and colors. Think about the time of year when the wedding takes place. For a formal wedding in the colder months, the maxi dress with long sleeves is ideal. When the weather heats up, think about a maxi dress with shorter sleeves. A dress with spaghetti straps is right when the woman wants something that is great for a wedding in field or a similar, less formal location. Maxi dresses come in many varied colors. A maxi dress in a bright shade of violet or one with gold accents is right for the more formal weddings.

The Wrap

Wrap dresses hug the body. They're easy to put on and draw attention to the wearer's slim waist. A wrap dress is a wonderful option for the guest who wants something she can wear again and again. For a formal wedding, you'll find them in lots of fabrics like crepe and silk organza. such fabrics add added flair and work for many different types of formal events as well as the wedding. The wrap dress also works perfectly for a wedding where the dress code is less formal. Fabrics like cotton and jersey are ideal for this kind of wedding. They look great and they're also very easy to clean. If something spills, just put them in the wash and you're good to go.

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