Feb 15, 2019

A Complete Guide About Installing Engineered Oak Flooring In your Home

The engineered oak flooring is one of the finest choices, if you are looking for the natural touch in your homes. It is not just an elegant choice but also beautiful in appearance too. Therefore, the engineered oak flooring has become the first preference of the homeowners. It offers you the right design and has the feature to adjust to the changes. There is no doubt that the oak flooring has emerged as one of the brilliant options in terms of sophisticated flooring. With different wooden planks put together, this is the type of flooring which can make a big difference to the floors.

The best thing about the engineered oak flooring is that you can install it yourself. But before you start with the installation process, here are some of the tips to follow or keep in mind.

Prepare yourself – At first, you need to prepare yourself as well as the floor for the engineered oak flooring. For this, you need to ensure that the floor is completely clean as well as even. If there are any pots and uneven surfaces, you need to clear them all or else the flooring may get spoilt. For this, you can take the help of different flooring tools which are easily available in the market. Even, you can watch a few tutorial videos about the installation to get the idea about the same.

Kind of installation to do – In case of the engineered oak flooring, there are numerous ways to install the oak floors. Some might prefer to go with the float option that is good and effective. Then you have the glued one followed by the nailed installation which is yet another choice for you to opt. Staple is another option that people wish to go for depending on the need. It is necessary to have an idea about all the four types so that you can decide which one is the best of all for your home. Once you have decided the best option, you can begin with the process.
Start from one side – Once you are ready, start placing the wooden planks from one end to the other. It is important to follow a set pattern when putting them together to get the desired level of finish. Though you might not be a professional, but this works well and gives your flooring the best look you have been waiting for. Fill in the grooves properly or else the empty spaces will appear haphazard and unpleasant to watch. So, you have to be a little careful during the installation of the oak flooring.

Let it sit down – When the installation is complete, make sure it is left for around a day or more to settle down completely. This is a necessary step to follow, so that the installation gets completed properly and is durable enough to withstand the pressure. Avoid any kind of walking on the floor unless you are sure that it has settled down. A time duration of 24 hours is enough for it to settle. Voila! You are good to go and arrange rest of the things once you are done with the flooring.

These are a few simple tips that you should follow when going for the installation of the engineered oak flooring. A little effort and hardwork is something that will pay off. It is not at all difficult to work with such flooring but the first-timer may face a little problem.So, do not waste your time but follow these useful tips and enjoy doing the oak flooring yourself. Besides, you can also seek help from the professionals in case of doubt. 

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