Feb 16, 2019

Smart DIY Methods to Avoid Plumbing leakage At Your Home

It would not be inappropriate to state that pipelines are the lifelines to your home. A day of water shortage or pipe choking makes your day dead. A big problem, however, comes in the form of pipe leakage, the worst troublemakers one could think of. They don't only cause the loss of water but also make your walls damp and surroundings ugly. Water logging at leakages can be a breeding ground for virus too.

While you can always search for a plumber by typing plumber Vancouver in Google if one needs immediate help, it’s sometimes necessary to have the basic idea about pipe leakages and treatment. Moreover, you can avoid leakages in the first place by following a few care measures. Here are a few tips to prevent and repair pipe damage at your homes:
Pipe Wrapping or Insulation
Pipelines exposed outside of your house can have a freezing impact of them, especially during winters, when the chilling winds freeze the life out of you. When the water in the pipelines freezes, it means there’s no supply of water for as long as it stays frozen. The best way to tackle this problem is to insulate the pipes at the entrance of the house. It keeps the pipe warm and avoids freezing.

Also, you can leave the faucets open for a while at times so that it ensures a regular flow, thus avoiding the freezing action.

Cross Check at Intervals
Most of us don’t even care to have a quick look around the pipeline network at our homes. Keeping a regular eye on the pipelines ensures that there are fewer chances of leakage because as soon as one would see the possibilities of leakage, they are bound to take proper action catering to the same. Don’t forget to have a walk around the house to have a look over them.  

Locating the Main Shut-off Valve
If you don’t already know the location of your home’s main shut-off valve, look for it right now, for it might be your only chance to fix your problems at times. When you see a big leakage and water flowing at a high rate, you must rush towards the main shut-off valve to stop the water supply to avoid the loss of water.

Installation of Multiple Shut-off Valves
Installing multiple shut-off valves at various locations give you the advantage of coping up with local pipe leakage. When you shut off the main valve during a local leakage, the main supply gets shut, hampering your water usage. When you install multiple valves, you can shut the mistake valve at the location of the leakage and not as a whole, thus keeping the water flow the way it is.

Avoid Overload on Sinks and Pipelines
Sometimes people mistake sinks for cupboards and pipes, for hangers. Well, it is this carelessness of ours that leads to their exploited use, which further leads to leakage. We must avoid keeping too much of our stuff on sink cabinets and hanging irrelevant stuff on exposed pipes.

Well, it is tough managing multiple leakages, and a plumber is the best man to go for. However, knowing a thing or two about plumbing helps you out with basic operations.

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