Feb 11, 2019

5 Best Ways To Clean Heavily Soiled Carpet

Among the list of things that are straight from a nightmare, is a heavily soiled carpet. Once a carpet is heavily soiled it becomes very difficult to clean with regular household methods. By chance, even if a familial has all the resources along with the best cleaning methods, they still won’t be able to renew a soiled carpet.

In this article I will focus on hot water extraction that has a proven record of successful renewing of soiled carpets. Bear in mind that only a commercial carpet cleaning service Portland OR can provide you this service.

Let’s get into the details of hot water extraction and 5 best ways to clean your carpet using this method.


Hot Water Extraction

In this approach of cleaning hot cleaning solution is sprayed on the carpet with a high pressure. The solution is extracted through a vacuum immediately. Vacuumed solution full of debris is collected in a sanitary waste system.

This methodology is viable in quickly extracting considerable amounts of soil from the carpet. The procedure is extensively accepted as a perfect solution.

High-end carpets with texture retention warranties are required by the company to be cleaned using this methods every 18 month in order to retain the warranty.

Ways To Clean Using Hot Water Extraction At Commercial Level

There are three types of hot water extraction machines used for commercial cleaning purposes. Some of these machines are so industrious that owning one for residential use is not an option.

Rental Portable Machines
If the carpet is only lightly soiled than these rental hot water extraction machines will do the job. Built to get rid of spills and dirt from carpets these machines are extremely feasible.

If you are looking to rent one for home, you might as well get any of the janitorial services Portland OR to do it for you. Professional cleaner have the knowledge on how to fully utilize the power of hot water extraction.

Professional Portables
Suffice to say, professional portables are many times powerful than a rental. The number of vacuum suctions and the size of motors increases dramatically in professional extraction machines.

These machines are so powerful that instead of one they require two cords to power the machine. A professional cleaner can do some pretty nifty job with one of these.

Truck Mounted Behemoths
It is easy to come a realization that both previous types had the word portable associated with them. The reason is this behemoth. A Hot Water Extraction Machine at its peak is so big and heavy duty that is can’t be moved around, that is unless you mount it on a truck.

The true potential of extraction machine is in the form of this truck mounted behemoth.With the potential to develop a 1000 pounds of water pressure it can also heat the water up to 180 degree. This should come as no surprise that the vacuums with this truck are also insanely powerful.

Ways To Clean Using Hot Water Extraction At Residential Level

At residential level there are two way to clean using hot water extraction. 

Residential Rental Portable
These machine are light weight compared to the rest of its kind. Perfect for residential use. It can finish cleaning a carpet in a manner of hours which would have taken days to be cleaned using regular household methods.

These machine can be rented. Be careful while using these machines. No matter how small they are if you carefully handle them you will get a much better cleaning out of them.

Hiring a professional
Getting a professionals to clean carpet using Hot Water extraction is the final option. Be assured that they will come equipped with professional grade extraction machine which will be much more powerful and much more effective on carpets which have been soiled extremely badly.

When a carpet has been soiled at such a level that the original color of the carpet cannot be distinguished than hot water extraction is the only way to go.

Author:When it comes to express the ideas based on carpet cleaning, Justin have the highest experience and wanted you all to learn what’s new in the market. Stay tuned for my latest post to grab the chunk of useful information.

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