Aug 7, 2018

Tips to Keep Clean and Stink-Free Home for Pet Owners

Pets such as dogs and cats are already becoming a part of family in many households. They can be a source of joyfulness and a great companion during bad times. Moreover, some studies stated that children who grow up with family pets in their home tend to have better physical, emotional and social health. Taking care of pets will improve your child’s responsibility, ability to manage times, self confidence and other positive effects.

Yep, we definitely love our active furry friends which like to run around here and there. On the other hand, pets might cause pet stain, stinky pet odor and pet hair problems inside your house. I myself have two adult cats at home; so I relate to this struggle.  Are you also pet parents? Read on to know more a bit about tricks to make your home stays clean and smells good when you have pets.
Pet stains and pet odor

Make first your own homemade stain remover and odor neutralizer for handling any emergency accident caused by your furry friends that relieve themselves on somewhere other than their litter box. The ingredients: white vinegar (half a spray bottle) and baking soda (four full of teaspoons).  Mix vinegar with half a bottle of water, put in the baking soda, stir it well and then keep it in a spray bottle.  It is chemical-free, effective and pet-friendly, you should try it.

Pet stain on the carpet is one of the worst stains that might give you stress. It can leave permanent marks and stinky smell if there is no immediate action. The faster you work before the urine dries, the better.

What to do:
For fresh stains: soak up or absorb the urine with paper towel/newspaper. Make sure to only dab the stain as any pressure will make the urine deeper on the carpet fibres. Spray on your homemade stain and odor remover, add dishwashing liquid if needed, rinse it with clean water then dab it again to remove water with dry cloth.

For set stains:wet vacuuming for deep cleaning.  If your homemade stain remover doesn’t work on the mark, use high quality store-bought pet stain remover/odor neutralizer.  Consider to get professional carpet cleaners if you can’t clean it. 

Don’t use steam vacuum cleaner since the heat will make the stain permanent. Don’t use cleaning chemicals as it might encourage your pet to do it again –right in the same spot.
Pet hair

Your pet’s soft fur can shed from time to time and unavoidably winds up everywhere around the house. Experts said that pet hair most likely amass in places which have high static charge or in other words, pet hair tend to build up in places where the less air flows; thus it can hide in many spots even hard-to-reach corners and crevices! Moreover, pet fur will surely be found in their favorite places include your carpet and upholstery.

What to do to remove pet hair:

You need to invest in tools that able to reach and clean nooks and crannies around your home perfectly.  With its flexibility and maneuverability to remove fur in every hard-to-reach spot of carpets and hard floors, a high quality canister vacuum with powerful suction and functional attachments which able to ease cleaning job is the number-one tool that pet owners should have.

Vacuuming is best to apply on carpeted and hard surface flooring. To avoid fur collecting, you should vacuum at least once every two or three days; focusing on locations where your dogs/cats love to spend their most of times while detailed cleaning can be done once a month.

Depends on the surface type which needs to clean, there are other tools that you can also use to get rid of pet hair such as good dry mop and microfiber dust mop for non carpeted floors; lint roller, tape, rubber gloves and damp cloth for different surfaces like clothing, appliances and furniture.

Don’t use a broom as it tends to get the fur back into the air.

What to do to reduce fur shedding:

Regularly grooming and daily brushing your pets to throw away loose hair before it drops off. What is more, you keep them clean and smell good.
Ask your vet for the right diet that able to lessen hair shedding.
Have you ever known about vacuum your pets? Using proper pet grooming attachment, you can vacuum your pet to remove loose hair straightly from their body. Experts recommend doing it repeatedly as long as your pets feel comfy with the treatment. Pets with longer hair need vacuuming at least two times a month while short and medium haired pets require only once a month vacuuming.     

If you carry out all or a part of ways to eliminate shedding  above, it is most likely that you will see much smaller amount of pet hair in your house as you already able to throw away the loose fur before it falls. It also means you save lots of time and energy every time cleaning the house. Well, it is not hard anymore for every pet owner to keep clean their home and pets as well. 

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