Aug 2, 2018

4 Tips for Hiring a Plumber

Is something leaking, dripping or draining? It might be time to call a plumber. Before you pluck a random name out of the phone book, however, you should know that there are steps you can take to ensure that you're hiring a high-quality plumbing professional.

1. Identify the Problem

Not only will this be helpful when you're trying to describe your situation over the phone, but it can also guide you towards the right people to call in the first place. For example, if you're experiencing water leaks Naperville, you'll want someone who deals with faucets and not sewers. Look on the plumber's website for something like "services" or "what we do."
water leaks Naperville
2. Ask for Recommendations

Someone in your life has used a plumber. Ask them about it. Even if they had a bad experience and their advice is not to hire that person, it's still one name that you can cross off your list. You'll be a little bit closer to finding the right professional for the job.

3. Ask About Payment Options

How will you be charged for your plumbing solution? Is there a fee just to get the plumber inside the door, or do they offer free consultations for new customers? Will they ask you to pay for both time and materials? It can be tough to speak frankly about money matters, but it'll be worth the awkwardness in the end. You don't want to be left holding a bill with charges that you don't understand.

4. Read Customer Reviews

Once you have a shortlist of potential plumbers, you'll want to start narrowing down your options through careful research about their companies and services. What do previous customers have to say about them? Do any complaints stick out? Are there any common themes in what people disliked about their experience?

These are just a few things to keep in mind as you search for a plumber. At the end of the day, it's most important that you feel confident in your choice. Use these suggestions to help you make a wise, well-informed decision.

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