Aug 26, 2018

6 Luxury Interior Design Ideas to Apply on Your Home

Have you ever stayed in a boutique hotel during a vacation? They create the impression of a welcoming and intimate space that makes a trip more relaxing and enjoyable. How would it feel to experience a small version of that luxury into your daily life? It’s not a tough job to bring the lavish lifestyle into your home. Check the following tips:

Focus on the Bedroom

Most homeowners ignore this room because the guests don’t see it. But, it has to be well-designed and nicely decorated if you want to create a luxe hotel style. And, the bedding is the center of this place. So, make it up with luxurious materials such as Egyptian cotton sheets, down comforter, plump down pillows, an elegant headboard, and the bed itself has to be King or Queen size. As everything in a hotel is carefully planned and designed, you have to enhance that setup with a soft carpet, cozy chairs, side tables, lamps, etc.
It’s a good idea to bring different textures such as silk, satin, velvet, and suede. Various types of high-quality materials mixed together create a sense of extravagance. You can also opt for mirrored items, lacquered surfaces, and decorative elements because upscale furnishings and decoration can effortlessly create a luxurious sleeping area.

Add Drama with Wainscoting Fixtures

Wainscoting designs always have a classy look that imparts a sense of opulence and magnificence to anywhere in a living place. And, that luxury feel increases manifold when the fixture is made of wood. Wooden wainscoting wall paneling can make a huge impact in a room, bigger than vibrant paint colors or wallpaper on the walls. Could you use some advice before renovating your home? Read interior renovation ideas posted by Model Home Makeover.

Cover the Walls in Fabric

Wall coverings can add interesting visual detail and incredible depth into a room. Using fabric covers or something made of silks, linens, or grasscloths is expensive than paint but their impact is huge and times, and thereby worth the expense. Besides, fabrics have the magical power of instantly making a plane warmer and cozier.
Fabric-covered canvases or panels can also do wonder if you can choose them in the right color. They hung as wall art and grouping them together to the size of an entire wall will give the place the texture and depth necessary to replicate the luxury of boutique hotels.

Resort to Upscale Furniture

Luxurious furnishings help to create a posh feeling that is important when you’re trying to convert your home into a five-star hotel. Invest in a leather sofa and some plushy fur pillows to make the living room a comfortable place to chat and spend time with family.
If you have a budget shortage, cover the basic chairs and sofas in your home with sheepskin throws and rugs. It’s a smart and budget-friendly approach that will bring the glamorous spirit of the French Alps right into your dining and family rooms. Such a sophisticated touch is also a fine choice for a minimalist or modern interior.

Create a Recreational Spot

All the high-end hotels have a sauna, gym, game room, and pool. However, most homeowners can’t afford such extravagance. So, the key is to create a perfect relaxing spot that has big style and does not require a lump sum of money. The ideal choice could be a home bar with a countertop, a couple of comfortable chairs, and some cool lighting. Bring a TV or a home theater system, and it will be the ultimate place to recline at the end of a wearying day!

Do a Bathroom Makeover
All the best hotels have really gorgeous bathrooms that feel like a piece of paradise on this mortal earth! While mimicking such splendor is likely to be above your price point, you can still create a lavish hotel-like bathroom just by adding and replacing some items. Bring an ornate mirror and some beautiful wall fixtures. A couple of pretty stools and some small plants will immediately make the place inviting and cozier.

Spending some money to create a rich atmosphere for your house or some of the rooms is a good invest. These ideas will create a retreat in your very own home where you can escape every day – not just a week in a year!

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