Aug 28, 2018

Find a Green-Certified Apartment

Today, before investing in an apartment, every homeowner crosschecks with the builder whether the same happens to be a green building or not. Owners try their best to change the footprint of their homes through weatherproofing or weatherization. They use different energy sources and external help to handle things. However, sometimes situations are such that your hands remain tied up. If you want to keep your apartment eco-friendly and at the same time save on your utility bills then ensure that the building on which you are investing meets the green building standards.

Understanding the Green Certification

As per the certification programs, a green building must cover the following:
·         Indoor environmental quality
·         Energy efficiency
·         Water efficiency
·         Durability
·         Waste Reduction
·         Efficient use of Resources and Materials
·         Sustainable Site Development

Needless to say, that green building certification comes with several benefits and saves money on cost, utilities, repairs and maintenance of the building. In fact, all these benefit the tenants from low-cost water and energy consumption bills. Improved comfort, quieter units, healthier and cleaner indoor environment are some of the other benefits to be mentioned. The lower utility costs not just lead to better maintenance but easy and tension-free living.


The durability factor of the green building program is responsible for reducing long-standing repair and maintenance costs. Thanks to the improved moisture management which serves in recovering the indoor air quality.  The right combination of material selection and installation techniques results in reducing dirt mould, mildew and dust within the apartments. It also helps in lower transmission of sounds and odours between units.

Careful Design and Construction

The green certification program also includes vigilant design and construction factor which helps in avoiding excessive use of materials thus leading to waste. As per the certification, buildings must be designed in standard material modules, thereby, helping in reducing several cut-offs. It is said that proficient construction techniques offer structural integrity and helps in getting rid of unnecessary materials, thus reducing cost and providing room for wadding.

The best thing about green certification is it assures you that your apartment has met the green standards as verified and confirmed. If you are the owner then it would be the third-party verification, thus, serving as an extra quality-assurance measure. This would confirm that the water management, insulation, plumbing, lighting system and HVAC are installed as stated.

Energy and Resource Efficiency

This is another factor, rather advantage of seeking green building certification. We all know that water is gradually becoming an increasingly insufficient and costly resource all over. This is why water-efficient designs are required on majority. Look for the green buildings and there you will find water-efficient designs which lower the owner’s costs for both outdoor and common areas. Likewise, if sustainable site-development is practised it will help in limiting storm runoff, lowering landscape irrigation and maintenance costs, reducing the impact on waterways and so on.

Last but not the least green neighbourhoods close to public stores, transportation and other popular venues are a MUST.  

Hope, this time when you plan to buy an apartment make sure you check out the green building certification without fail. For example, you are in Kolkata and looking for a flat say a premium apartment in Bhowanipore or somewhere else that would cover the eco-friendly factors then do cross check with your builder about the green certification.

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