Aug 3, 2018

How Much Roof Damage Can a Tropical System Cause?

How Much Roof Damage Can a Tropical System Cause?

Tropical storm and hurricane season always make the Florida homeowner a little nervous. Although it has been a while since a serious storm like Hurricane Andrew moved over the state, the real possibilities of a major storm are ever-present. When it comes to roofing, even a low-level tropical system can cause extensive damage if the conditions are right.
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Straight Winds and Tornadic Winds

Both straight and tornadic winds can cause damage to the roof, although in different ways. Many types of roofing materials can withstand straight winds, at least to an extent. You might have a few areas of damage, but unless it is sustained for several hours, you should fare well in winds that are below 100mph. Tornadic winds are a little different. The whipping action of circular winds can cause a great deal of damage in a short amount of time.

Flying Objects and Hail

Storms with a high-level of wind will send object airborne. If these items slam into your roof, there will most likely be damaged. Wind-driven hail can also batter and bruise your roofing materials, causing a need for repairs.

Downed Trees

Trees that fall on top of homes account for a fair share of tropical system roof damage. Your roof is not designed to take an impact of that caliber and remain completely intact.

Complete Roof Collapse

The higher the winds are, the more likely it is that your roof will sustain heavy damage. The entire roof can detach and fly away in the wind. You can also suffer a complete collapse from heavy rains.

It is vital to get all necessary roofing repair Kissimmee FL once the storm has passed and it is safe. Putting of needed repairs can cost you more in the long run.

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