Aug 14, 2018

The Secret To Designing the Perfect Bedroom

How many times have you entered a room and immediately felt at home? In most cases, a feeling of homely comfort is elicited with the helpof a simple design that does not compromise on functionality. But, creating a simple and functional design for your bedroom is a job easier said than done.
Have you ever wondered why that’s the case?

Simply because every bedroom must absolutely have a big, often ungainly looking bed within it. Additionally, the placement of a bed determines the placement of every other piece of furniture in that room.

But, if you are planning a new design from scratch or are redoing your current bedroom space, you will have greater control of other elements in your room, which will enable you to design a functional and stylish space. Not many bedroom designs can marry these important elements with panache.

As the bedroom is often considered as one the simplest rooms to design in a house, it is predominantly overlooked when it comes to innovation. One of the most important and initial steps to a good bedroom layout is possessing a well designed, functional and efficient floor plan that encompasses everything you want from your room regardless of how much square footage you have to work with.

Here are some of our best tips that will help you extract the most out of your bedroom space:

1. Simple circulation
Look to maintain air circulation within one side of the bedroom. Hotels usually do a great job of executing this and that’s predominantly why most hotels have identical floor plans. It works because it’s simple.

Creating the right circulation plan becomes more challenging when designing en suite rooms (rooms with bathrooms attached) or bedrooms with doors that lead outside.

To conserve space, it is important give special consideration to where the closet and bathroom is going to be located in your room. A longer hall becomes essential if the rooms need closet or bathroom access ahead of the sleeping area.

However, if the plan is drawn up in a way that allows the closet and bathroom to be accessed via the sleeping area, you will no longer require an independent hall. Additionally, this circulation space can be added to the room which will give it a more spacious appearance.

2. Focus on the view
A bedroom with a pleasant view outside will always provide with more comforting vibes compared to a view that points straight to the bed. If you are redesigning your current bedroom or starting from scratch, look to create a layout that zeroes-in on the vista-regardless of the view being as basic as your backyard or dazzling like a mountain top.

3. Keep privacy in mind
Being able to keep your bedroom door ajar without in anyway compromising your privacy always feels nice. The presence of a small foyer in such an instance can provide you with the necessary separation from your hall. Always avoid design plans in which the bedroom will be directly visible via a more public place, like the kitchen or family room.

4. Be in touch with the outdoors
If you connect your room with the outdoors, you can make the space appear larger and at the same time ensure that more natural light enters your room. Admittedly, such an arrangement might not be feasible in all climates, but it can be a great option when the weather is favourable. Is your bedroom situated on the ground floor? Or is it on the second floor but has a terrace adjacent to it? In both instances you can expand available visual space by including a set of French doors.

5.Pay Special Attention to the furniture layout
No architecture plan for your bedroom that does not take into account furniture should be okayed. So, your bedroom will obviously have a bed and with it comes a bed wall. Also, you would want other important furniture pieces like nightstands, dressers, desks, chairs and maybe even a TV. It is important to convey to your interior designer or architect the furniture pieces you will need in your room, so that enough space is allocated for it without having to hamper the circulation in the room.

6. Greater ventilation and light
If your bedroom is located in the corner of your home, you can affix windows on an extra couple of adjacent walls. This will provide you with softer natural light and great cross ventilation.

Great bedroom designs are usually not made overnight. They require time and constant refinement in order to be executed perfectly. This makes it vitally important that you don’t rush with the design or execution. A little extra time up front should not be a major point of concern as long as you have an uber-functional and efficient plan in the end.

Also, a great design does not necessarily have to look overly complicated and be expensive to pull off. Any space that is high on functionality and efficiency, while at the same time is cost effective to build is an example of a creative design.

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