Aug 9, 2018

4 Factors That Affect Your Roof’s Lifespan

Most homeowners aren’t aware of the lifespan of their roof until it’s too late. But, the first step of knowing your roof’s lifespan is knowing what outside factors are affecting your roof. This will assist you to help your roof elongate its lifespan and be able to provide durability and stability for you and your family according to a Dallas roofing company:
1.   Weather
Outside elements affect your roof more than you might think. If you’re in an area that deals with excessive inclement weather (snow storms, excessive heat, hurricanes, etc.) your roof will surely be affected more. Most roofing systems are built to withstand severe winds and the heavy pressure of debris, but your roof’s breaking point shouldn’t be tested.

When it comes to excessive heat, this can cause your roof to deteriorate. If your roof is of a darker color it’s more vulnerable to heat than a roof of a lighter color, since darker colors absorb energy more. Additionally, this heat can cause condensation inside of your attic because of poor ventilation. This’ll make your wooden roof deck vulnerable to moisture, which causes even more problems as time passes like leaks.

To combat against this excessive ultraviolet radiation, there are products on the market that you can purchase to protect your roof from those harmful UV rays.

2. Material
There are many different roofing materials on the market that all have various pros and cons when it comes to protecting your home. Also, there are many different materials available for your budget no matter how high or low. For example, asphalt shingles are one of the most common roofing materials. They’re low cost and readily available, but absorb heat and only last for about 20 years. It all depends on your particular situation and what you’re willing to spend for your roof.

The slope of your roof also plays a part in its lifespan. This is what’s going to be taking water, leaves, and other debris off of your roof to relieve some of that pressure.

3. Installation
Often, a roof’s biggest problems can start from the very beginning: installation. Whether you choose the cheapest material or the most expensive, the installation matters. Investing in a solid installation will help your roof last the long haul. Additionally, proper maintenance is very important. Doing routine monthly checks will help you catch small problems before they become gigantic.

4. Age
Just like us as human beings, roofs grow old. Sometimes, the only thing that’s affecting your roof is age. There’s nothing that you can do about age, but be aware of your roof’s lifespan so you can replace it when the time comes.

Your roof is what protects your home from mother nature’s wrath. Keeping factors like installation, material, and weather in mind will help you stay aware of the state of your roof and make small changes in the future. Maintenance also plays a big part in your roof’s lifespan. Don’t neglect your roof’s problems as they come up. If you stay aware of these elements and how they affect your roof, it’ll reach its true lifespan. Soon, you’ll stop worrying about your roof and start enjoying your happy home.

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Lonnie Hagen has over 30 years experience in residential and commercial roofing in Dallas. As a full service company, Accent Roofing and Constructions has the know-how to handle any kind of job. We come highly recommended by insurance agencies, construction associations, consumer agencies and many satisfied customers who consider us to be one of the best, reliable and competitive construction and restoration contractors in Dallas / Fort Worth areas. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you are looking for roofer in Frisco TX

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