Aug 13, 2018

Fool the Eyes and Make Any Space Look Bigger

Small fixes often have the highest impact on the aesthetics of your interiors.  Do it smartly to notch the perfection.

Even a small space can serve up a great design; believe the wizards of interior decoration. Whether you want to customize an existing space or planning a full-fledged renovation, smart updates can do all the tricks to grant a lease of life to the small space. Take cue from various lifestyle magazine and online sources and apply your creative ideas to make a petite space look much bigger. Smart colour techniques, thoughtful furniture arrangement and perfect lighting ideas can do wonders, when it comes to decorate a tiny space. Here are some ideal home improvement ideas that have been adopted by Mr. Agnihotri, who purchased a 1 BHK residential property near Rishra Hooghly.
Play with Light Colours and Sharp Contrasts

Colours have a lot to do to make a space look bigger. A careful choice of colour can transform a small interior into a seemingly bigger living space. The best of combinations are made with seamless blending of cream with icy blue. Smart choice can create amazing optical illusion, thus making a room appears bigger than its actual size. Light but bright coloured walls reflect an airy feel. To maximize the effect, opt for a soft tone. Also paint your wall trim, a shade lighter than your walls. It makes the actual space seem much bigger.

Optimum Lighting is the Key

Uninterrupted flow of natural light can open up the interior and makes it appear larger. If your home does not allow a sufficient supply of natural light, some creative lighting fixtures can suffice your need. You will be surprised at how these lighting fixtures can make big difference to the overall feel of your home. If you have large windows, allow natural light to come through it. Such arrangement will connect the room with the outdoors, thus maximizing your space. Pulled back window coverings are best to bring in more light. Enhance the overall aesthetics with potted flower plants near the windows. You can also use lamps of various shapes and size to incorporate special effects.

Cut the Clutter

A tidy and organized room work wonders to make a space appear larger than its actual dimensions. Having too much stuff makes a space look crowded. Instead neatly arrange your stuffs, so that the space looks pretty orderly and open. A cluttered room makes the space looks smaller and congested. Also, avoid covering your walls with lot of wall paintings and pictures. When decorating a petite space, get a focal point and try to put pictures or any d├ęcor item there to grab attention. Arrange your furniture in such a way, so that the focus is drawn towards that area. Always remember to limit the accessories to keep the space clutter free. Remove carpet and rugs to create an illusion of increased floor space.

Strategically Place Mirrors

Mirrors can effortlessly make any room appear larger. Placing it strategically helps you a lot. Facing mirrors to a focal point can create the delusion of a larger interior. It also sets in an illusion of depth. The best advantage of having mirrors is that they reflect both natural and artificial light and thus can make your room look brighter and bigger always. A mirror facing the outdoors is highly effective. Glass table tops and mirrored cabinet doors are a great way to lend a spacious feel to tiny interiors.

Smart Arrangement of Furniture

Furniture eats up a major space in your home. But, strategic arrangement can create an illusion of space. A great way to do this is to use multi-function furniture. Nowadays, even beds come with a host of solutions and suffice the need for a coffee table, beds and drawers for storage. Use folding tables and nest tables, so that you can tuck it up when you do not need it. It’s better to scale the furniture to check if they aptly fit in the given space. Instead of having oversized sofa, invest in seating arrangements that are sleek and fashionable. Chairs with open arms and exposed legs are best choice in this regard.

Implement these tips in your dream property right away and fall in love again with your small home.

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