Aug 10, 2018

Small Fixes to Freshen Up your Kitchen

May be it’s too soon to renovate, but what if you feel that your kitchen looks a bit dull and needs a pick-me-up touch? Would you go for redesigning or a complete makeover? Well, re-designing of the entire area or installing new cabinets can be expensive. But there are some subtle ideas, which you can try out any time and they won’t be too hefty on your pocket. As my experience says, small changes go a long way in adding a characteristic grace to the space. What, I’m going to share today are those tips which I have used in the spacious kitchen of my 5 BHK flat near E.M Bypass. These cool ideas can lend your gourmet space a new lease of life.  

Go Unique with Cabinet Colours

Bright colors can make any space look attractive and the doors of kitchen cabinet are not an exception. This is a ruling interior decoration trend these days and quite popular among the designers. The best part is that painting the cabinet doors hardly consumes an hour to strip off the old paint, repaint them with new colors and put them back on place. To add up a little more charm, I got new knobs to fix on the cabinet doors. Certainly, it gave my kitchen a modern touch with a luxe appeal.

Updated Faucet can make all Difference

With innovations and improvisations finding their way into the market, choosing a kinky faucet becomes easier. I took home a beautiful contemporary faucet with bevy of amazing features. Using it is incredibly easy. You simply have to tap with your hand to turn the water on. There’s a separate hose and for a spacious kitchen like mine, this is certainly an apt fit. The faucet with retractable hose connected to its head is incredibly functional as it allows you to get enough space for washing dishes.

Decorative Touch to the Kitchen Windows

Did you ever notice that the curtains of your kitchen windows look extremely dull overtime? Changing these can instantly refresh the overall ambiance. Often this aspect is overlooked but installing some fabric blinds or a new interior shutter can make a lot of difference. Opt for the chic and stylish drapes for your kitchen, Make sure that it lets in enough natural light. No wonder, my kitchen now looks breathtakingly beautiful and fresh. 

Many a times, you just can’t figure out if your kitchen needs remodelling. Sometimes you get accustomed with the existing arrangements and hence a kitchen makeover is always an afterthought. Use such small fixes from time to time and notch an impactful change to your kitchen. 

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