Dec 13, 2016

Upgrade Your Property with the Right Doors

Instead of adding an addition to their home, many homeowners today are extending their indoor living space to the outdoors. Making a patio or deck part of your total living area makes it possible to entertain many guests, or to add such accoutrements as an outdoor kitchen.  That means the entry or exit to your property is neither the front door nor the back door. You can live past the boundaries of your walls and enjoy your outdoor living space.

Adding a Fireplace

Besides adding an outdoor kitchen, you might consider including a fireplace in a patio area – an accessory that turns an outdoor space into a cosy living room. An open fire permits you to live outside even when the weather gets cooler. If you don’t have an ideal spot to install a fireplace, you can always add a freestanding fire pit. Some homeowners choose to add a fireplace in the corner of a porch.

By living outside and enjoying the environment, you don’t have to get rid of any of that shabby garden furniture just yet. You can refurbish such furnishings for your outdoor living space. Paint the furniture in fresh and vibrant colours to enhance the outside décor. You should arrange the chairs in groupings that encourage conversation as well. Before you know it, the entire neighbourhood will want to gather on your property.

Doors that Open Up the Living Area
Bi-fold doors Stockport are currently available and they can be installed to open up your living space. As they feature excellence in terms of both looks and design, these doors can make a house appear more beautiful and elegant. Plus, bi-folds are made with insulation and an advanced glass technology, which means that they are energy-friendly and cost-efficient home improvement implements.

Using the bi-fold design enables you to blend your inside living area nicely with your outside décor, thereby breaking down the physical boundary. Whilst you are researching this type of installation, you should consider a uPVC front door as an energy-efficient upgrade as well. This kind of door, which is a cheaper choice than timber, is built around a frame made of steel, and it normally incorporates a multipoint locking system.

Much like bi-folding doors, a high quality uPVC door creates an immediate positive impression for anyone stepping into your home. If you want to renovate your home so that it looks its best, installing a bi-fold entryway or a new front door can create  an instant impact. Whilst you want your front door to look great, you also have to think about security. Most of today’s high quality doors include the aforementioned multi-point locking hardware in their designs.

How to Choose the Right Timber Door

If you select a timber door, on the other hand, be sure to invest in one made of a hardwood. Doing so will prevent any future twisting or warping. To increase stability, you should choose a door that features laminated timber as well. This type of wood door is considered to be more stable and less prone to warping.

Besides bi-folding doors, and various front-door designs, you may also want to consider patio doors or French doors for your property. It just depends on the design and the cost of the installation. Look online to get a better idea of the types of doors that will look good with your home’s architecture and décor.

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