Dec 6, 2016

Best Party Dresses available Online

Party dresses are also known as evening dresses, formal dresses or informal dresses. These dresses are worn as garments for proms, weddings, outgoing occasions, bridal showers etcetera. They are known to be available for each and every size, length and pattern. The designs may be different and the fabrics coarse, but the true outcome of a party dress for women is that it fits and flatters your body, making it the perfect excuse to flaunt and look ravishing in. Party dresses have evolved over the years. They used to be long and sweeping the floor, with a stiff skirt and short fashioned sleeves. Now they are getting shorter and more revealing with comfort taking the credit and soft skirts cascading down the legs. The ruffles, frills, tassels and ribbons are all extras in party dresses so that the overwhelming feel of wearing the dress is satisfying and worth every rupee put forward. There are international as well as Indian fashion houses and independent labels that constantly create new designs and prints to make the one-piece dress or party dress stand out amongst the crowd.

Indian fashion dresses have made a remarkable change in their designs since Indo-ethnic element, Indo-western designs have given many collaborations in order to constantly change and give party dresses an urban feel. Gone are the days of typically traditional party dresses which involved sequinned and sparkly embellishments. Dresses have changed keeping in mind the ever-widening demand of formal, informal, outgoing, seasonal and festive occasions. Women are spoilt for choice with the fabrics and materials used that include satin, velvet, silk, georgette, chiffon, cotton and many more.

Party dresses now are available in over 40 variations such as:
-       Tube/Bandeau Dresses
-       Sheath Dresses
-       Blouson Dresses
-       Tunic Dresses
-       Pencil Dresses
-       Asymmetric dresses
-       Trench Dresses
-       Bandage dresses
-       High low dresses
-       Empire waist dresses
-       Bodycon dresses
-       Skater dresses
-       Maxi/Long dresses
-       Midi dresses
-       Mini dresses
-       Kaftan dresses
-       Shirt dresses
-       Off shoulder dresses
-       Sweater dresses
-       Tie detail dresses
-       Peplum dresses
-       Backless dresses
-       Fringe detail dresses
-       Pop over dresses
-       Baby doll dresses
-       A line dresses
-       Layered dresses
-       Lace up detail dresses
-       Denim dresses
-       Dungaree dresses
-       Cape dresses
-       Fit and flare dresses
-       Shift dresses
-       Slit dresses
-       Spaghetti dresses
-       T-shirt dresses
-       Tulle dresses
-       Tuxedo dresses
-       Tweed dresses
-       Wrap dresses

Tube and Bandeau dresses are perfect for party wear since they are without straps and are extremely dressy. Worn for occasions such as parties, outgoing events and more, these dresses when paired with a cardigan or blazer can automatically change the entire look of the outfit becoming formal and for cold winters. Perfect for cocktail parties, bandeau dresses are the most popular for those glamorous evenings.

Blouson dresses is a type of maxi dress which is held together with a string by the neck or bodice, and then comes flowing down till the floor in a ruffled format. These dresses are perfect for evening brunches and cocktail parties because of their easy going and airy feel, often accepted as super casual yet trendy outfits for occasions.

Pencil dresses work like mirrors for the body structure. They hug the body, and are often sheer towards the waist and sleeves. These are gorgeously attractive and are the best picks for a cocktail party, formal event and evening party.
Go ahead and make your choice today!
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